Turkey Basters

Want to buy turkey basters? Read on for facts and info on this important cooking instrument and learn how to make your own turkey baster at home…

If you are fond of cooking turkey in your home then the turkey baster is one of the essential items that you need to have in your kitchen pantry. Although the term used for the utensil is a turkey baster, it can be used to prepare many other dishes including baking and other applications. You can either purchase a ready made turkey baster from the market or even make your own at home.

Ready Made Turkey Basters

The top of the line ready made basters have a unique bulb like shape and a collar that provides the user with a good grip. In fact the latest basters enable you to hold them comfortably in two distinct ways giving you precise control. The bulb at the head has purposefully been made flat so as to ensure that the utensil does not roll off the counter top when left idle.

The tube of the baster has been made using high heat resistant and crack proof plastic. This gives you superior performance and durability. You will also find the tube to be marked with metric measurements enabling you to see the exact amount of liquid in the baster. To top it all off, the product is dishwasher safe.

How To Make Your Own Turkey Baster

The list of items that you will need in order to make your own baster includes a water balloon, utility knife and a straw. If you do not have these items at hand then you can use any hallow tube that will allow you to trap air to create suction. A nasal aspirator for example works just fine in this case.

Start off by cutting one end of the straw at about 10 cm. You should attempt to make a clean and straight cut because jagged edges can cause problems when attaching the water balloon. Not only can a jagged edge cause problems in suction, it can actually puncture the balloon hence you need to be very careful when cutting the straw.

Next you need to attach the water balloon to the straw that you have just cut. You will do this by slightly stretching the balloon to put it over the straw. The balloon should have enough elasticity that it clings on to the end of the straw. In case it doesn’t use a rubber band to fasten it and you have your home made turkey baster ready to be used.

You can use this home made utensil to bast your turkey with marinade, butter and a whole other variety of sauces. One thing that you need to ensure with the home made turkey baster is not to make use of anything that is larger in size than the tip of the straw. This will cause the suction process to jam hence he rbs, pieces of garlic and other such items should not be sucked using the baster.


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