Turkey Brine Bags

Want to find the perfect turkey brine bag? Read ahead to find out how to use the turkey brine bag for a brilliant recipe and succulent bird…

The turkey brine bag is created to store any food which you need to immerse in liquid brine. Liquid brine is basically a salt and water solution which is utilized to marinate different poultry and meat.

The turkey brining bags are large-sized and big enough to hold from 10 to 20 pounds of turkey. Made out of pure plastic that is semitransparent they can easily hold the heavy food as well as the weight of the liquid placed in it during the brining process.

Benefits of Using the Turkey Brine Bag

The purpose of using the turkey brine bags is to soak the turkey meat into a liquid mixture of salted water in order to flavor the turkey and keep the meat moist when it is served. This durable plastic bag can hold up to 2 gallons of liquid and approximately 20 pounds of meat.

The best feature is the Ziploc which is a re-sealable closure on the mouth end of the brine bag. The bag is normally 20 to 30 inches long to encase all the meat. The mouth with its re-sealable closer can be approximately 20 inches wide. This bag when used for brining and marinating a particular meat should not be reused but should be discarded immediately to avoid contamination.

Benefits of Using Brining For Turkey

What happens when you brine the turkey is that some of the proteins in the meat breakdown because of the heavy level of salt. This allows some of the liquid to be soaked inside the turkey. Generally a turkey is brined for 6 to 14 hours on average. This means that a substantial amount of liquid is absorbed into the meat.

When the meat is cooked and the proteins coagulate, it prevents the liquid which was previously absorbed by the meat, from running out. This means that the moist and tender bird will remain such even when served.

You can use a mixture of other flavorings like honey, spices and sugar in the brine solution. Make sure you discard the liquid and bag once you are done.

The meat is bagged into the turkey brine bag and then placed in a refrigerator overnight or longer. The meat is slightly saltier but very moist and this makes the brining cured turkeys very popular.

This is why it is very important to have a good quality turkey brine bag that will not leak out any liquid and damage both the turkey and other foods that are kept in the refrigerator.

Once the turkey has been soaked properly it is then rinsed thoroughly and drying is very important. The reason for this is that a very dry turkey will lead to a good and crispy skin being formed when it is roasted. The golden color comes out very beautifully on a brined turkey. And in fact another advantage of brining the turkey is that it normally cooks faster than turkey that has not been cured with the brine solution.


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