Turkey Foot Oil Lamp

Want to decorate with a turkey foot oil lamp? Learn the basics of the turkey foot oil lamp and the different designs that it is available in…

The Turkey foot oil lamp is crafted to hold oil in its base and has a wick which can absorb the oil. The wick is ignited and produces both heat and light as the oil burns. The use of the turkey foot oil lamp was very common during the 19th century along with candles as well as lamps that utilized animal fat to heat and illuminate homes.

The different materials utilized to craft these beautiful lamps included porcelain, ceramics and metal as well as painted glass. Furthermore with the introduction of kerosene these lamps became extremely profitable to manufacture.

When collectors look at turkey foot oil lamps they mainly focus on the lamp shade or the chimney. Original chimneys in turkey foot oil lamps were freeform and unique in that they were hand-blown glass. Most of them had tops which had designs etched onto them or frothed.

Apart from that the rarest varieties which are in demand include the machine made oil lamps. The basic oil lamp utilized pre-constructed parts for the base and the oil burner which was crafted out of metal. The chimneys or lampshades were purchased from different sources. These were then combined to make different kinds of turkey foot oil lamps.

Different Materials and Colors for Lampshades

There were different companies like Fostoria as well as Consolidated which sold glass shades for the lamps. These were normally made out of milk glass and had an open shade making it highly useful and economical.

The two different layers of glass called case glass were also utilized to create lampshades which would retain the white on the inside and reflect the maximum amount of light and have one layer of colored glass on the outside.

The most common combination that is found in antique turkey foot oil lamps is a green and white combination. The art glass which was painted to create the lampshades was very expensive and still commands a very high price today. The colors included in the art glass lamp shades of turkey foot oil lamps include a deep cranberry and mother-of-pearl along with amberena and satin glass.

Turkish Foot Oil Lamps at Auctions

You can still find different Turkey foot oil lamps available in online auctions. One such piece is the anti-blue turkey foot oil lamp which has deep blue colors.
However, when you purchase a lamp at a traditional auction you should check the condition of the oil lamp and then start to bid for it. Generally some pieces of antique lamps may be loose or missing and you can find them at different locations and oil lamp manufacturers.

A particular antique blue lamp available on eBay has a new collar on the neck of the lamp which is glued with silicon and can also be removed if required. The basic imperfections which are part of the original lamp are apparent in its lamp shade. These include the bubbles in the hand blown glass along with a few scratches on the lampshade itself. The antique blue Turkish foot oil lamp is available at a height of 10 inches and has a base of 5 inches. When you purchase online you can actually have the item shipped to your house.

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