Tupperware Australia

Want to learn about Australian Tupperware? Discover the parties and products from Tupperware Australia and join in the fun…

A party known as Taste of Tupperware Australia is as unique as it is interesting. For those who enjoy meeting friends over a good meal, the Tupperware Australia group offers the opportunity to enjoy unique parties such as cocktail parties, lunch or perhaps a chocolate-based entertainment scheme centering on interactive cooking demonstrations.

With more than 50 recipes available on the Tupperware Australia website it is no wonder that women from across the country flock to organize unique parties to entertain friends and family.

However, for working women it is possible to organize Tupperware Australia product preview parties for office or lunchtime displays or possibly for after work occasions. Even the children’s playgroup or sports club can be incorporated into specific fundraisers that allow Tupperware Australia to donate 10% to a unique cause that you are fundraising for.

It is very easy to organize Tupperware parties in Australia. Included is a very simple demonstration package, which feature information on how to organize the party sales and  instructions for sending out information as well as invitations, along with suggestions for the right target market and how to maximum profit from the activity.

Tupperware Australia Product Range

With its focus on a unique product, Tupperware Australia has managed to introduce not only great quality plastic products for the kitchen but also accessories that complement any chef’s collection. The collection can be used for years to come and be appreciated by young brides or older generations who focus on running an efficient kitchen with all the essentials.

Product Features and Functions

The product collections include very interesting ranges like the Modular Mates, which are very functional and practical in terms of their shape and size and form a cohesive whole as a set. The fancy range is covered by the two series known as Antarctica and Alegra. With an increased focus on functionality, Tupperware Australia has gone on to launch the different items that can be categorized as fridge and freezer essentials. These ensure maximum space utility and minimum hassle while organizing the refrigerator in a very efficient manner. Some knives and pressing tools along with sharpening tools are featured in the series of preparation essentials while the Bake 2 Basics series is essential for those who are fond of baking in the kitchen.

TupperChef™ Range in Australia

From superior quality TupperChef™ Knives to TupperChef™ Baking essentials there is also the opportunity to purchase on-the-go equipment that allows one to transport food to picnics or outdoor parties and events.

Collection of Glasses by Tupperware

Tupperware Australia also has a collection of virtually unbreakable glasses, which can be used not only to serve beverages, but also function as desert glasses that contain delicious dessert layers.

Cool Cubes Tray by Tupperware Australia

The extensive collection by Tupperware Australia is likely incomplete without the unit known as Cool Cubes. Strangely flexible and functional this ice-making tray is ideal for a family home.

Make ice cubes without shattering the ice cubes or messing up the ice trays, it is possible to get easy access to different sizes of ice cubes by using the highly flexible trays made out of an ingenious and unique material.

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