Turkey Hunting Seat

Want to buy turkey hunting seat? Read on for facts and info on the benefits and uses of turkey hunting seats…

Turkey hunting is a popular sport in regions where the bird is found in great abundance. A range of equipment has been developed to facilitate the sportsman looking to embark on this type of expedition. A turkey hunting seat is considered to be one of the rather luxurious yet somewhat necessary Turkey hunting accessories.

More than often a hunter has to wait for hours for a decent sized buck to come out of its den and walk into the range of his weapon. All this time the hunter is required to stay absolutely still in his position. The turkey hunting seat was thus developed to provide comfortable seating for the hunter during this waiting period.

You will be able to find a wide variety of turkey hunting seats out there in the market. They are generally composed of foam cushions that provide the hunter with some level of comfort. However the run-of-the-mill turkey hunting seats tend to compress after a time. This makes them uncomfortable for the hunter which eventually causes him to move around. The very purpose of a hunting seat is defeated thereby.

The latest turkey hunting seat cushions are designed with a proprietary medical pressure relief gel which helps to distribute seating pressure evenly. This ensures adequate circulation for the hunter and prevents the numbness and discomfort that necessitates having to change one’s position.

Among the many different varieties that are available in the market is the Fatboy turkey hunting seat. As the name suggests it is made using the thickest and extremely plush cushion which provides the utmost comfort to a sportsman of any size. Such hunting seats have been given a double density foam base that is embedded within a double thick layer of ultra soft gel insuring maximum comfort.

In order to add durability to the product the manufacturers have given it a waterproof covering. The fabric used to cover the turkey hunting seat is a stretch Comfort-TEX fabric. This makes it ideal for any kind of environment as it has the potential to withstand various effects of weathering. In order to provide the hunter with the utmost convenience the turkey hunting seat comes with a 40 inch carry strap which enables you to sling it over your shoulder.

The Fatboy turkey hunting seat weighs in at 2 pounds plus 14 oz and measures up to the 14” x 15” with a width of 3 inches. It is available in two different types of flat patterns which are the Mossy Oak and the Break Ups. The camouflage pattern goes with the whole hunting look and prevents the seat from attracting attention in hunting zones.

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