Turkey Track Trail

Want to visit the Turkey Track Trail? Discover the beautiful lake in the pine tree forest and take in the fresh air on Turkey Track Trail…

The spectacular Turkey Track Trail in Tucson Arizona is home to huge Pine Trees and fresh air. The Turkey Track Trail is the perfect walking track to navigate either early morning or before sunset. The ideal season is late spring or autumn because weather conditions are perfect and you can enjoy the crisp air on the mountain without feeling chilly.

The track is fairly challenging at three quarters of a mile and starts from the end of the Pinetop Street and finishes at the spectacular Woodland Lake on top. Woodland Lake which lies at a height of 7000 feet is completely breathtaking and its beauty revitalizes one after a sweaty trek all the way up the mountain. The cool and crisp mountain air is refreshing and exhilarating.

Tips to Enjoy the Turkey Track Trail

It is best to wear long sleeves while you navigate this challenging track to protect you from the insects and brushing against trees on the hike. The lake is at the end of the town park and an easy to navigate trail surrounds it completely.

The lake contains many ducks that cluck throughout the day and you can sit on the banks of the lake and enjoy them wading through the water with their little flotillas of baby chicks.

It is important to head out back on the Turkey Trail Track with an hour of sunlight left so that you can navigate your way back successfully in daytime light.

It’s very easy to descend on the track at a brisk walk. There is a wooden cabin at the end of the trail and the beginning of Pinetop Street from the end of the trail. You can spend time here and enjoy the warm fire. This beautiful trail is part of a network of other trails in this area in Tucson Arizona.

Many walkers and trail hikers use the trail during the mild season as well as winter months. There are many wooden cabins where you can enjoy the heat of crackling fires and steaming hot cups of hot chocolate.

It is advisable to stay on the clearly marked routes on the trail so that you are safe during your trek across the natural landscape on a passage to a beautiful lake at the top of Pinetop Street.

Directions on How to Get Pinetop

If you are starting your journey by car from Tucson you will need to take Highway Arizona 77 towards the north to reach Globe. From here you continue towards the mountain town called Show Low and then take Highway Arizona 260 and move southeast towards Pinetop.

The total distance from Tucson to Pinetop is 200 miles. Once you reach Pinetop you will have to turn south and move off the highway and take Pinecrest Drive. At the end of Pinecrest Drive you will arrive at the Turkey Track Trail which leads you to the top of the mountain.

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