Turkey Wing Bone Calls

Want to construct turkey wing bone calls? Read on to learn how you can craft your own turkey wing bone calls…

Ancient turkey wing bone calls have been very popular since the time when North American Indians used them to hunt Turkey. They are constructed out of the bones which are found in turkey wings. This method was picked up by Pilgrim settlers who also started using wood and the bones of other animals to create turkey calls.

The biggest advantage of using the turkey wing bone call is that you can tackle a henned gobbler or seasoned turkey which has seen and survived many other hunters’ calls. There’s actually something quite unique about using natural materials which give an organic feel to the turkey calls thereby piquing their interest in responding to you. Another advantage of using this item is that it functions well in wet or dry weather and gives you a very versatile range of sounds to experiment with.

Tones Acquired from the Turkey Wing Bone Call

The normal call utilized to emit a yelp is crafted out of the wing of the wild turkey hen. You cannot use the bone from the jakes or the domestic birds because they’re very fragile. Wild turkey callers have large and deep bones which provide perfect tones to attract the turkey gobbler during the autumn hunt.

There is a major difference between the female and male bone of the turkey. You can actually get sounds that are similar to the age profile of the turkey by using a particular turkey’s bone.

Generally the bone structure utilized as the mouthpiece is the radius with the ulna falling in the center and the humerus making up the end. Some hunters always take out the humerus and replace it with a brass shot shell or other hollow objects. Interestingly you can use cooked bones also but they can splinter easily so it is best to use a fresh bone.

How to Construct Turkey Wings Bone Calls

Remove both the wing bones from the turkey so you can craft two calls. You can also combine the use of both to create different sounds and variations in pitch. You will need to cut the bones with a hacksaw where the straight section joins the knob at the end. Remove the bone marrow completely with a small object and then boil the bones with a little detergent so that you can remove the entire bone marrow. You can even add bleach to kill all the germs and prevent discoloration.

Next combine the bones together by putting the ulna on the radius and the humerus over the ulna. Sand the bones and cut them so that you can get a tight fit. Place them in your hands to see how comfortable you are when you have cupped them together. Once you have achieved the desired position you should glue them together to create a very simple yet ingenious turkey call.

To use this turkey wing bone call you simply need to suck in air through the call and then let it escape out at different intervals to get the calls you require. To cup the call properly you can place the larger edge on top of your palm between your thumb and index finger and tighten your hands in a cupped position to control the airflow.

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