Turkey Wing-bone Yelpers

Want to make a turkey wing-bone yelper? Craft effective turkey wing-bone yelpers using the information on making turkey wing-bone calls…

Turkey wing-bone yelpers have been utilized for hunting turkey by the North American Indians since ancient times. In fact the modern-day turkey call equipment has evolved from these initially handmade turkey call devices.

The turkey wing-bone yelper is crafted out of the bones of the turkey wing. It was utilized by the North American Indians and later on picked up by settlers in North America. These basic yelpers evolved into calling devices crafted out of wood or even the bones of other animals.

Interesting Facts about the Turkey Wing-bone Yelper

It has been noted that the bone from a young gobbler emits yelps which attract the same age group, whereas bones used to make Turkey wing bone yelpers from a seasoned gobbler attract that same age group. This is a very interesting fact considering that turkeys which are being hunted respond to the more organic and natural sounds of the turkey wing bone yelper.

In fact seasoned turkeys which have survived many hunts can be tackled by using this natural device and in fact you can pull out a henned in gobbler with great success. These organic materials have an interesting sound to them and intrigue the turkey enough to make it respond to you and hunt it down much more easily.

The best thing about Turkey wing bone yelpers is that they are very durable and function beautifully in wet or dry weather. Once you experiment with this device you can produce different tones and pitches of yelps to attract the gobblers.

Using the Turkey Wing Bone Yelper

The difference between normal calling devices and the turkey wing bone yelper is that instead of blowing out onto it you suck the air inside the device. This air is then released very slowly as you cup the device in your hand.  The kind of pitch and yelp tone you will derive from the device will depend on the speed at which the air is released from it.
Hold the larger end of the turkey wing bone yelper in your hand with the larger side facing your fingers. Grasp it firmly but gently with your index finger and thumb and then cup it in your hand by covering it with your other hand also. Practice a few times before you get the technique right and then start releasing the air at different intervals to get the desired tones you require.

Crafting Your Own Turkey Wing Bone Yelper

To craft your own turkey wing bone yelper you will need the wing bone of a turkey which includes the three pieces: the radius, the ulna and the humerus. The mouthpiece is formed by the radius and the ulna follows in the center and the humerus comprises the end of the device.

You can always replace the numerous parts with a brass shot shell or other durable hollow objects to get different sounds. Use fresh bones instead of cooked ones to ensure a more durable turkey wing-bone yelper.

Boil the bones to soften the bone marrow and then remove it very gently with a scraping tool. Saw the edges of the bones and fit the ulna on top of the radius and the humerus on top of the ulna.

Sand them next so that they are smooth and fit very tightly on top of each other. Hold the device in your hand to see how it fits properly and then glue together to ensure a long lasting turkey wing bone yelper.

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