The Original California Constitution in English and Spanish

Searching for the original California Constitution in English and Spanish? Read ahead to find out the details of the original California Constitution in English and Spanish…

The original California Constitution is available in both English and Spanish. The basic tenants drafted in the California Constitution in English and Spanish include the powers awarded to the government of the state of California. The duties of government officials as well as the structure and their functions are clearly detailed in this document as well.
The first constitution was adopted in the year 1849 prior to California acquiring US statehood in the year 1850. This was superseded by the current Constitution ratified in 1879. Interestingly enough the 1849 Constitution for California government activities was signed in Monterey.

Over the years there have been many amendments as well as revisions in the California Constitution and these have been incorporated in both the English and Spanish versions.

The main reason for a Spanish version is that there is a large population of native Spanish speakers residing in California. Hence it makes it imperative that they be catered to with rules and regulations and legal documentation available in their language.

California Constitution Amended 500 Times to Remove 40,000 Words

The state constitution was amended after constant efforts by progressive politicians. During the early 20th century the public was disgusted with how the powerful railroads had massive influence on the politics as well as economy of California.

So from 1911 onwards till 1986 there have been 500 occasions on which the California Constitution has been amended.
The Constitution was very bloated and by the year 1962 included 75,000 words. This was perhaps longer than all other state constitutions, except for that of the state of Louisiana.

It was in the year 1962 that the revision commission worked to remove around 40,000 words from this Constitution.

Differences between California Constitution and That of Other States

The major difference between the original California Constitution in English and Spanish is the fact that it is very elaborate. It has 110 1/2 page of text.
Generally the reason for such a lengthy constitution is basically due to a lack of faith in the elected officials. Most of the initiatives taken in this state are in the form of an amendment to the constitution.

Most of the amendments focused on the authorized edition of creating state government agencies which included the State Bar of California and the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Along with this the constitutional amendments covered and protected these agencies from being under attack from police power.

The corporate existences of counties and cities are exceptionally well protected under the California Constitution which is available in both Spanish and English. There are special provisions for individual rights which are in fact broader than those awarded in the federal constitution under the Bill of Rights to American citizens.

Two of the distinct examples are the California versus Anderson and Pruneyard Shopping Center cases. In the first instance there is a prohibition of cruel or unusual methods of punishment whereas in the second instance the death penalty has been considered unconstitutional.

The certified copies of the 1849 original California Constitution were printed in both English as well as Spanish. There is a provision to incorporate all the amendments and provisions along with regulations, decrees and provisions to be published in Spanish as well as English.


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