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The city of Durango is located in the northwest of Mexico, 310 km northwest of Zacatexas and about 270 km southwest of the city of Coahuila. Durango state, of which Durango City is the capital, is the fourth largest state in Mexico and also second least populated. The population of Durango State is approximately 1.5 million people. In terms of physical geography, the State of Durango is lowland surrounded by high ground and mountains on all sides. The land is fertile as it is naturally irrigated by a series of rivers. The northeastern part of Durango borders with the state of Coahuila where the land is particularly fertile. Durango is bordered to the east by semi arid plains while to the west are the sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Climate Info Durango

Temperature levels in Durango are moderate with an average yearly temperature of 18degrees. Durango has a predominantly dry climate with little year round rainfall except for during the summer months.

History Info Durango

The colonial history of Durango state in Mexico goes back to the mid 16th century when under the leadership of Francisco de Ibarra colonization began. Despite heavy resistance from the indigenous peoples, European settlers continued to be attracted to Durango by the lure of vast mineral wealth as well as fertile grazing lands for cattle.
Economy of Durango
The State of Durango has a vast amount of natural mineral wealth and so has traditionally relied on the mining of various metal ores as the mainstay of its economy. Copper, Iron and Silver are all mined in the mountains surrounding Durango State. The fertile land in the low lying basins of Durango make them a good place for agriculture as well as cattle rearing. Main crops include cotton, corn, tobacco, sugarcane and wheat.

Vacation in Durango

Durango is not one of the most popular places in Mexico for foreign tourists. However, if you are interested in coming you will find a whole host of activities to keep you busy. The natural settings of Durango provide the perfect backdrop for a camping vacation with fishing in the lakes and hiking in the mountains of Durango.

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