Turkish Antique Guns

Want to buy Turkish antique guns? Looking for a specific Turkish antique gun? Read on for facts and info on vintage guns developed and used in Turkey through the ages…

Antique Turkish guns have acquired collectorship status amongst gun enthusiasts across the world. Turkish guns of yesteryears were both, highly ornamental and superb in terms of their performance. This is what makes them worth acquiring for gun collectors across the world.

Some all time classic Turkish antique guns are mentioned below:

Antique Gun Turkish Ottoman Islamic Flintlock

This particular vintage gun belongs to the 18th century. It is a Miquelet rifle that is supported with an extremely high quality Toe-lock.  This has been decorated with chisel work and silver foliate arabesques along with applied corals. The gun has a wooden full stock which is adorned with ornamental corals. A highly decorated repousse secures the gun with engraved silver brands. The Ottoman Islamic Flintlock measures a total of sixty-two inches long and is available for about six thousand US dollars at auction.

Colonial Flintock Pistol

This particular vintage Turkish gun was developed in 1715. The gun is coated with a smooth patina over its body and has a 5 ½ round cannon form along with a frozen turn-off smoothbore. The Colonial Flintock is a .61 caliber gun with an iron barrel and a crown marking of IF.

The gun has the trademark flintlock measurement. You will be able to find a rounded gooseneck hammer along with a hound’s tooth border intricately engraved on the gun. The back of the gun has a “frizzen” design and the frame has matching decorations on its smooth surfaces. Of course you are bound to find some signs of wear and discoloration on the colonial flintlock pistol because it belongs to the 1700s.

The gun has a sliding iron trigger guard that was purposely put in place for added safety. The side panels of the gun are adorned with embossed silver mounts and the grotesque mask butt-cap is also hallmarked. The grip of the gun resembles what is found on the Burl walnut Queen Ann gun. The area around the barrel tang is laden with intricate relief carving which gives character to this vintage Turkish gun.

Gilt Bronze Mounted Holster Pistol

This is another all time classic antique gun used in Turkey between 1750 to 1840. The gun has a unique shape which is somewhat octagonal. It is fastened using a pin and made using heavy iron. The Gilt Bronze is a smoothbore .60 caliber weapon that has a wedding band transition on its unsigned barrel. The breech-top displays signs of finely engraved gold inlays.

This antique gun has a brass blade type of foresight with a silver gray smooth patina finish. The walnut full stock gun has been meticulously molded and carved. One of the most distinctive features of the gun is its bulbous butt which is further complimented by a cane type grip. The side plate also displays some excellent adornment in the form of openwork vine scroll engravings. The trigger guard on this gun has been made in the shape of an acanthus leaf and is deeply embossed.

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