Turkish Belly Dancing

Interested in learning how to Turkish belly dance? Want to know a bit more about the history, costumes & musical instruments used in this form of oriental dance? Our introduction to Turkish belly dancing gives you the facts & information you want to

Belly dancing is a term that is associated with the traditional dance form in the Middle East. It is an art where a dancer shows an amazing skill and control. The way she moves her hips in controlled motion is certainly something exceptional. Basic movements are based on hip oscillation or swaying which actually is the most distinguishable for this dance form, by a novice as well. Other than these movements, there are specific jerks, twists, lifts and drops. However, there are a lot of variations which have now been added up to the whole art of this dance. These variations can be witnessed in Turkish Belly Dancing.

Turkish Belly Dancing Music

Turkish Belly dancing is also inspired by the same traditional one; however, the most distinctive feature of Turkish belly dance is the music. The music that is used for this dance is something that can be related to Turkish culture. There are different instruments as well which are used to create that enigmatic atmosphere in which this dance is performed. Some of the most widely used are Clarinet, Kanoon Oboes, and hand drums. Along with these instruments, use of Zill’s or finger cymbals is quite common, rather all  Turkish dancers use it in their dancing.

The whole dance is actually associated and deeply connected with different instruments. That is one of the reasons that belly dancing is supposed to be  difficult to learn as  whole beats of the music are to be grabbed and improvised by dance steps. As the instruments that are used in Turkish dance are quite upbeat, so, expect the same in dancing style. Usually, the dance gets underway by some specific entrance steps. Although, moves in here are based on the traditional steps, there certainly are some of the steps that are only the specialty of Turkish style of dancing. These dance moves contain specific arm movements to start with which then get complicated with time. Hip drops are the other steps which are used with less complexity in the beginning.

Turkish Veil Dancing

Veil dance is an amazing form where these dancers use different sorts of things such as a veil. Some of these things include angel wings and butterfly wings. The basic steps in here are done with more complexity and zeal, so, the audience really can get on their toes. With the passage of time, more and more perplexing and articulate movements come in the dance which makes it much more enjoyable and a treat to watch.

Turkish belly dance is something that is quite closely related to that of the cabaret style dances and it is easily discernable in that reference. The dresses that are usually used in this form of dance are quite embellished and adorned with different sorts of glittering objects. Always expect the use of coins and beads along with other things. But as the dance is quite influenced by cabaret dancing, so, the dresses are often quite revealing. These dancers often proceed to take tips and the audience can also have an opportunity to dance with these dancers, at the ending or exiting point of the dance. However, that obviously is more prominent in Turkish restaurants.


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