Tips for Buying Turkish Carpets and Rugs

Interested in buying a Turkish rug? Want to know how to get a good discount when buying your new Turkish carpet? Read these tips on buying a Turkish rug.

The price of a Turkish rug or carpet depends on several factors. The quality of a Turkish rug depends partly on the number of knots per sq cm, with more knots signifying a higher price. Other price determining factors of Turkish rugs are age and demand; usually the older a Turkish carpet is the more demand there will be for it by Oriental carpet buyers. The material used in the most expensive Turkish rugs is silk and even a small Turkish carpet will cost thousands of dollars to buy if it’s pure silk. Lastly the condition of the Turkish rug is also important as there should be no tears or holes in the Turkish carpet. If a Turkish rug has been repaired expertly, it is often difficult to tell the repair work from the original rug.

How to Buy a Good Turkish Rug

There are a few things you should do to check you are buying a good Turkish carpet or rug. Use a slightly damp cloth and wipe over the surface of the Turkish rug. If the colour of the Turkish carpet comes off on the cloth this means that chemical dyes have been used. Although many perfectly good Turkish carpets and rugs do use chemical dyes, they don’t retain their value as much as traditional Turkish rugs and it is harder to find buyers for these modern Turkish carpets and rugs.

Also chemical dyes can sometimes run after cleaning the Turkish rug. Compare the bottom of the pile on the Turkish carpet with the top to see if the colour on the surface of the Turkish rug is less vivid than on the bottom. If this is the case the Turkish rug has been made using chemical dyes. Another thing to look for when buying a Turkish rug is the number of knots per sq cm.

The best quality Turkish carpets are usually hand-knotted and this will be visible in slight irregulairites in knot shape and size. Turn the corner of the Turkish carpet or rug up and look at the underside to estimate the knot density of the Turkish carpet. The more knots the Turkish rug has, the better quality it is. Turkish rugs with more knots are also more durable. You should always try to see what your Turkish rug looks like in the sunshine before you buy it as the light enables you to see any imperfections in the rug that you otherwise might miss.

How to Get a Discount on Your Turkish Rug

When you are buying your Turkish rug try to haggle for a lower price. Some Turkish carpet sellers accept credit cards although any charges they incur are usually passed on to the buyer of the Turkish rug. It is preferable to buy your Turkish rug with cash as all Turkish carpet stores accept this and you will not be charged any extra for using a credit card.

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