Turkish Carpet Types

Want to learn more about Turkish carpet types? Read on to discover the different styles and weaves available in Turkish carpets…

Turkey is lauded for its amazing carpet weaving techniques and brilliant designs. It is however only when you go to buy Turkish carpets that you realize how many different types there are.

Some of the most popular kinds of Turkish carpets are mentioned below:

Afghan Carpets

Ironically these are Turkish carpets that actually originated in Afghanistan and made their way to Turkey at the hands of Afghan immigrants. The immigrants brought with them these carpets that were manufactured in their homeland and sold them in the market. Soon enough the production of Afghan style carpets picked up in Turkey. The Turks added their own variation of the double-knot style to the Afghan carpet although the original ones are made according to the single knot weave. Afghan carpets are made from 100% wool.

Bahtiyari Carpets

These Turkish carpets are in a league of their own and are definitely one of the most unusual designs that you will be able to find out there. What distinguishes Bahtiyari carpets from others is the three weaving technique that is employed in their construction. The carpet weavers make use of three different techniques and merge them into a single different style. These include the flat weave, double knot and embroidery.

Some Bahtiyaris are made of wool on wool and in other cases you will be able to find wool on cotton. Although this unique style developed in Turkey, historians are unsure regarding the exact state from where this style originated. Bahtiyari carpets are also characterized by the use of different colors. Smaller carpets were also created to serve as saddles for camels and interior decoration items.

Buhara Rugs

This is another range of Turkish carpets that was introduced to the nation at the hands of immigrants. This time it was the immigrants from Turkmenistan. One of the most striking features of these carpets is the repeated use of the symbol of the evil eye. This symbol is meant to serve as a protection symbol against all evil.

Dosemealti Rugs

This style of Turkish carpet weaving belongs to the Taurus Mountain areas of Turkey. Since that region experiences extreme cold climatic conditions, the carpet weaving technique employs thick piles that help to keep warm. The Dosemealti style carpets have a unique set of symbols that are used to adorn the carpets. Amongst the popular motifs used in these carpets are ram horns. Similarly they have their own color palette amongst which red and blue are particularly popular.

Kayseri Rugs

These types of carpets originate from the heart of Anatolia. The carpets are adorned with medallion motifs and a design theme which is popularly known as 1001 nights floral design. These carpets are amongst the most popular types of Turkish carpets and are widely available in the region.

The complete list of the different types of Turkish carpets is quite extensive. The above mentioned are just some of the most popular varieties that you will be able to find out there in the market.

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