Turkish Silver Rosary

The Turkish silver rosary has a special place in traditional culture. TO find out more about it’s significance and craftsmanship, read on...

Turkish Silver Rosary

Turkish rosaries have been made in Turkey for centuries but they have recently gained a lot of popularity as the latest addition to fashion accessories for men around the globe.

Turkish rosary is demanded by  locals as well as foreigners. The popular tourist spots such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmara stock them to meet the demand from tourists. Gümrük Han is also a very popular tourist site which garners huge demand for the rosaries.

The Turkish rosary are made to order and then sent to sellers and collectors in the city and to wholesalers located outside. Şanlıurfa Rosary Makers Association is the largest rosary production location in turkey. It meets half of all the demand for Turkish silver rosary.

The rosary makers in Turkey have a unique way of doing their rosary trade. They have been gathering in coffee houses where they display them on tables and sell them. Their clientele includes artists, collectors and the fashion avant garde. Rosary is also believed to reduce stress and so bought by businessmen and corporate works.

Materials Used

The Turkish rosary comes in many forms due to the different materials and the labour work needed. The material is a crucial component of the rosary which sometimes takes years to collect. This is why the material is often imported from countries such as China, Korea and India.

The materials used include camel bone, pin, tortoise shell and katalin. They are then processed in workshops and made into rosary beads. The production often takes weeks but the suppliers ensure that the quality is up to mark as the buyers have a keen eye for quality and workmanship.

Silver Rosary Prices

The prices of Turkish rosaries vary according to the materials used. The ones produced using silver and gold are on the expensive end although those which use genuine tortoise shell and amber are hardly on the cheaper end. They start from 5 Turkish Lira and go up to 100,000 Turkish Liras.

The Turkish rosary is easily available in the Middle East due to the presence of the huge market. You can also find Turkish silver rosary online as many Turkish suppliers have begun shipping the rosary worldwide. This has allowed Turkish rosary to become a fashion trend.

Surf through the variety to find your favourite Turkish rosary and become cultural as well fashionable.

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