Turkish Coffee Grinders

Looking to buy an authentic handmade Turkish coffee grinder? Want to know how a Turkish coffee grinder manages to grind the beans so finely? Our guide to Turkish coffee grinders gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Turkey is the country that is to be credited for introducing the people of the world to the world of coffee. The Turks have had a long history with coffee and there have been some strange incidents which almost banned the consumption of coffee but this was overcome by the public’s love for it. Having newly discovered coffee beans the Turks began to experiment with different ways of consuming it. At first coffee beans were consumed as solid as they came and sometimes they were melted and mixed with fat. After some time they managed to produce the brewed drink which is now famous all around the world.

To facilitate the making of coffee the Turks took on a creative drive to come up with equipment that would be useful in the making of coffee. The Muslims of the Ottoman Empire were known for possessing a high level of creativity and craftsmanship which is evident in the rich legacy of arts and architecture that they have left behind. They are also credited with producing some very practical equipment for daily use. Grinding the coffee was the first step to producing the drink and this required a utensil that would ease the whole process. The Turkish were heavy drinkers when it came to coffee and ask any specialist and he will tell you that the secret to making good quality Turkish coffee is to ground the beans to a real fine powder. For this very purpose the Turks invented the ‘Kahve degirmeni’ of Turkish coffee grinder.

Brass Turkish Coffee Grinders

This is not the name of some high tech machine rather it is the name of the Turkish coffee grinder that was invented to ground the coffee beans. It has an extremely practical design and an equally effective function. The body of the grinder is long and tube like with burrs that serve the purpose of grinding the coffee to powder. It is the role model design upon which Jeff Smith designed The Frugal Gourmet which is the high output pepper grinder. Through the “Kahve degirmeni” the coffee beans could easily be grounded into a very fine powder which was the first step to making good coffee as mentioned above.

Handmade Turkish Coffee Grinders

In recent times many new ways of grinding coffee have been developed such as the mill and the blender. The mill is effective for those who are not such heavy coffee drinkers and the blender is almost just as good as the Turkish coffee grinder. But for Turkish coffee lovers the real deal is when it is prepared in the Turkish way using Turkish equipment. As Turkish coffee started gaining world wide popularity so did the coffee grinders as they were considered as being part and parcel of the whole deal from Turkey. Further more the Turks are well renowned for their creative patterns and amazing use of color. They applied their graphic art skills on to the body of these grinders to produce a final product that is not only effective in terms of its purpose but also serves as a great show piece.

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