Turkish Furniture Brands

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The Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER) was founded by the largest Turkish furniture brands. Their vision was to expand the Turkish furniture industry and open doors for international customers. They help guide the demand of customers towards the supply of branded furniture. Through these efforts many Turkish brands have emerged.

Aldora Mobilya

Aldora Mobilya is one of the famous furniture brands which were founded in 2001. They are based as furniture providers and provide designing services to their customers. Their style extends from classical to modern structures.

Aldora is preferred by the old and young. They give importance to institutional culture and making designs and production at international standards. They emphasize on differentiation and maximising customer base by satisfying them. Aldora also concentrates on product development, innovation and model creation efforts. This allows them to maintain their customer base all around the world by stylizing to cater to different lifestyles and cultures. Their website clearly identifies their quality assurance policy, contribution towards environmental sensibility and importance of human health.


Casa is a Turkish furniture brand founded in 1965 as an upholstery workshop. Today the brand employs over 200 employees, including architects, technicians and engineers who are dedicated to the brand. There are years of research, product development, innovation and a strong philosophy behind the Casa brand. Today their products reflect their unique performance and technology as well the aesthetic style that the brand represents.

Casa collections have a dynamic structure and are designed for people with a passion for the details of their space. The have an extensive range of Sofa sets, arm chairs, dining room furniture, beds, coffee tables and TV units. If you have a knack for details then go through their catalogues and find your favourite pieces. They also guarantee that their products are made from high quality materials and careful craftsmanship.

Nill’s  Furniture Design

Nill’s has been around for more than 40 years, making their name in painting and woodworking. Through the years they have emphasized on continuous development particularly of wood processing and the segment of dyeing.

They have maintained the quality of their furniture pieces by employing latest technology and machinery. They provide sofa sets, home furniture and separate pieces. They create living spaces with classic touch, attractive designs and settings based on the customer’s preference. So if you would like your furniture to have a classic edge then head over to Nill’s brand.

The furniture industry has grown immensely and so there are also many other Turkish brands such as Alfemo, Bellona, Konfor Identity, and Bostan’s etc. You can easily preview their new and old collections through their websites. Every brand has their own edge yet they maintain the Turkish traditional touch. Shopping for Turkish furniture has never been so easy given that there are plenty of brands available to choose from.

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