Long Beach Press Telegram

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The Press Telegram in Long Beach is a popular news and sports newspaper. It has separate sections on business and lifestyle along with the provision to place ads. The comprehensive classified and job programs available on Press Telegram in Long Beach California make it indispensable to the residents. The online version is known for its coverage of events and different happenings in the city. It is possible to buy tickets and get event schedules for different programs being conducted in Long Beach California.

News Division in Press Telegram Long Beach

The news section covers different blogs, news related to the state of California and crime incidents. There are also regular columnists who focus on different aspects of life. There is a dedicated section on education and elections along with the national and world news. You can read different passages and there is a reader’s page where letters from the readers are posted. With a keen focus on elections there is also a section on politics to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the political arena.

This is followed by traffic and weather to keep you updated on the conditions on the roads and the skies in Long Beach California. The religion section caters to the different denominations prominent in California. When it comes to sports, different events like the winter and summer Olympics in California are focused upon. The sports are given separate sections like golf, horse racing and soccer. The famous teams like the Lakers along with the Ducks, Dodgers and Capers have their own sections. UCLA is provided separate coverage along with USC, which are the leading universities in Southern California.

The business section focuses on real estate, automobiles, technology and ports. In fact, the Long Beach California port is one of the longest ports in the world. Each section has its own columnist who devotes time and energy to getting the information across to readers.

A highly opinionated newspaper, it has separate blogs and editorials along with letters from the readers. There is the constant commentary section and an option to speak out. The top stories usually covered are cases filed by missing persons or abused victim’s families. Interesting aspects of elections like making cash by supporting different parties and the latest corporate news with different hiring and restructuring are also covered.

A separate section called LA.com focuses on regional restaurants and places to buy tickets for different events. You can get information on celebrities and different art exhibitions in the city. There is a comprehensive guide for dining, TV guide, movies and music along with an exciting nightlife program available on the website.

There’s a different section focusing on style and beauty which gives you information on the latest styles prevalent in Long Beach California. The lifestyle section focuses on family, book reviews and good food. You can get different ideas on where to take the children where they can eat for free. The lifestyle section also focuses on puzzles and games, a social page, stage and travel. You can also read comics and get the newspaper’s education sections on the Press Telegram in Long Beach.

The comprehensive newspaper places a lot of ads. It is easy for anyone to do so, especially in the classified section. The online portal allows the newspaper to have massive sections like jobs, homes and a business directory. When it comes to the jobs section you can find a job or post a vacancy along with getting information on the virtual job fairs. When it comes to the home section you can search the MLS for rentals, sale and foreclosures. In all it is a very comprehensive resource for the residents of Long Beach California.

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