French Fries Peeling Machine

Interested in buying a French fries peeling machine? Read our guide for facts and info on these convenient potato peeling machines…

French fries are a lot of fun but cutting potatoes to make French fries deters many people from making them frequently. To make life easier for such people the French fries peeling machine was invented and is now readily available in the market. You will be able to find many different kinds of French fries peeling machines that have different capacities and mechanisms. Also known as potato peeler machines, they come in handy for home owners with a liking for eating French fries as well as restaurants and fast food joints.

A host of companies produce their own versions of the French fries peeling machine. Some of the most popular varieties are listed below.

New French Fries Peeling Machine

This particular French fries peeling machine was developed to provide users with utmost convenience. It has the ability to remove the skin from potatoes and you can even use it with other with vegetables as well. However the potatoes need to be boiled first. The washed potatoes are supposed to be poured into a drum like container of the peeler at the top. On the inside the drum is coated with abrasive carborundum which has the peeling effect.

The mechanism is such that the drum rotates with the potatoes inside it causing them to strike against the inner walls because of which the skin is removed. However you will need to keep pouring small amounts of water using a pipe while conducting this process. Once the potatoes have been peeled they are meant to pass through a cutter construction and come out through one side of the peeler where the particular gate has been fixed. This French fries peeler machine has been made available in different capacities. The smallest can deliver you the potatoes in batches of up to seven KG. Then you have the larger one that can hold up to 12 KG with the largest having the capacity to skin and peel up to 25 KG.

Dual Peeling Machine

This version of the French fries peeling machine is meant to work with potatoes as well as onions. Generally it can deal with any round vegetables which it will peel and wash automatically. However this is a large sized machine practical for industrial use. You will commonly be able to find such dual peeling machines in vegetable dewatering factories, starts factories and restaurants. One of the things that set this dual peeling machine apart is that it has a very low breaking rate. This means it will be able to deliver you the peeled vegetables in solid shape. It is easy to operate and environmentally friendly with a very low failure rate and high efficiency. This massive potato peeling machine has the capacity to deal with 800 kg of vegetables.

French Fries Peeling And Cleaning Machine

This user-friendly machine is separately developed to deal with potatoes, pachyrhizus, taro and other such vegetables. Skillfully engineered this peeling machine has a very high peeling rate meaning that it delivers the vegetables with almost all of its skin removed. At the same time it has a low breakage rate. Automatic operation provides users with convenience making a good choice to go for when looking to invest in the potato peeling machine. These kinds of French fries peeling machines are popularly used in mess halls, hotels, restaurants and vegetable processing units.

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