Turkish Ravioli Recipe

Want to learn a Turkish Ravioli recipe? Read on for an easy recipe that you can use to make Turkish ravioli at your home…

The Turkish ravioli is considered to be one of the most exotic recipes of the country. It takes less than an hour to make this delicious treat and is relatively easy to make even for amateur chefs.

The recipe originates from Central Asia. However, it is known by the same name in Anatoly and its surrounding regions. According to Turkish tradition ravioli is meant to be the main dish and not an appetizer. You have a choice of serving the ravioli with the cooking liquid or alternatively you can drain the liquid and use a specially prepared sauce to add flavor. The cooking water, if not being used can be made to serve as the base for a soup.

Different regions of Turkey have their own variations of this classic recipe. For example the people of Bolu do not make use of yogurt and tomato sauce. Rather they replace them with a special mixture of chopped walnuts with cheese. This mixture is made using half a teacup of dried cheese  combined with about 2 teacups of chopped walnuts. Once ready, it is supposed to be served alongside the drained ravioli while making sure everything is drizzled with butter. You can also accompany the ravioli with pickled vegetables or dried fruit paste.

Another classic replacement for the tomato sauce is a unique mixture of melted butter and paprika, which is heated on the skillet prior to being served. In Turkey the ravioli is a popular Sunday lunch meal, which is followed up with a siesta.

Making the Ravioli

Each  ravioli is specially hand made in Turkey. The list of ingredients required to prepare this Turkish delight includes flour, salt, pepper, water, onions, eggs, parsley, tomato, ground meat, butter, paprika, garlic and yogurt.

Start by sifting the flour into a large bowl. Add salt making a well in the center. Break the eggs in the well and make dough while adding water as needed. After kneading for about ten minutes cover the dough with a cloth and set aside.

On the side combine the onions, parsley and meat together while seasoning with salt and pepper. Then roll out the dough on a floured surface and place one spoonful of the filling that you have prepared at equal distances within the piece of dough. Next cover the dough that has the filling in it with a slightly larger piece of dough using your fingers to nicely seal the ravioli. Next, cut up the ravioli into individual square pieces. You need to cook the ravioli squares in boiled salted water in a large pot for about 20 minutes.

Next you need to prepare the sauce using chopped tomatoes, butter and paprika. Saute the tomatoes for a few minutes,add the butter and the paprika. Next add crushed garlic and mix with yogurt to form a smooth paste. .Serve along with the cooked Turkish ravioli.

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