Turkish Rose Absolute

Want to buy Turkish Rose Absolute essential oil? Read on for facts and info on the extraction and use of Turkish rose absolutes…

Turkish Rose Absolute is the name of an essential oil derived from the Rosa Damascensa, which is part of the Rosaceae family. The rose is also known as the Turkish and the Bulgarian rose.

The rose grows as a small and prickly shrub and can extend to a height of about two meters. It sprouts beautiful pink perfumed flowers and is native to the oriental regions, although it is cultivated in large numbers in many different parts of Turkey, France and Bulgaria.

Turkish Rose Absolute essential oil is one of the more pricey oils that you will be able to find out there. This is perhaps the reason why it does not reach soaring sales like lavender oil does. However, the oil is considered to be the best all-purpose natural oil in the market.

Turkish Rose Absolute Uses

The use of Turkish Rose Absolute oil can help the user in many ways. It is believed to boost a healthy digestive system and is also good for the heart. At the same time it can help you to fight anger, grief, depression and fear.

The word “Rosa” which is used for this plant actually originates from the Greek term “Roden” which translates as “red”. This is primarily because the ancient rose was available only in the red variety. It was in Persia that the use of roses for distillation purposes was initiated in the 10th century. By 1612 the Persian Sultan Shiraz had set up a rose distillery in the region.

Roses were an integral part of Turkish social customs. For example, rose petals were used to shower a newly married couple as they walked out of the wedding hall. It was meant to ensure a happy marriage and roses are still considered to be a symbol of love. Roses were also used in prayer and meditation.

What makes Turkish Rose oil special is the fact that you need about 60,000 roses just to make a single ounce of pure rose oil! This is why the oil is so highly priced in the market. Although it is absurdly expensive the Turkish rose oil has a very deep and pleasant rosy aroma. The color of the natural oil may vary from pale yellow to green.

In order to get the best quality rose oil, only the freshest flowers are cultivated to extract the oil from them. The harvesting is initiated at 5:30 in the morning and by 9:30 a.m. it is completed. Each blossomed flower has to be hand picked in the fields by expert harvesters who have the potential to pick up to 12 kilos of blooms in one go. The distillation process is based on a balanced use of heat so as to preserve the natural aroma of the roses.

When compared to ottos and other blends, Rose Absolute Oils have a much smoother texture that resembles the texture of honey. The most popular use of Turkish rose absolutes is for facial and skin care purposes.

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