Turkish Silver Filigree

Learn all about the Turkish silver filigree and how it can be incorporated in your wardrobe. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Filigree is a delicate form of jewellery which is made from twisted threads and tiny beads which are soldered together or with another object to give it a form of metalwork. The filigree is then arranged and placed in artistic motifs.


What originated in the 17th century continues to be popular in India, Italy, France, Turkey and Asian metalwork. The art involves curling, twisting and plaiting very small threads of metal. They are then combined at common points using flux such as borax. The techniques of twisting and soldering used in Filigree jewellery designing are also applied for other metal works of wrought iron.

Filigree techniques and tools

This is an ancient method of silver working which hasve been adopted worldwide using different techniques, applications and styles. The various techniques include cutting, bending and soldering silver wires.

Filigree jewelry is difficult to make as it requires precision, accuracy and a lot of care. Today the artisans have mastered it by working on the technique for centuries. It requires considerable thought process to guarantee success.

The technique involves the use of two gauges of metal of which the heavier wire servesvers as the frame. It has to be seen to that the soldering is scarred out with care and the delicate metal coils do not melt.

Often filigree is mixed up with wire wrapping as it makes use of methods used by silversmiths such as hammering and heating metals to bring out the wanted shapes and designs.

The tools used are based on the crafter’s preferences however some essential tools include cutters, round nose plies and silversmith tools such as torch and soldering.

Modern Uses

Today filigree is incorporated in our daily wear in the form of buttons, crosses, brooches, crosses, necklaces, earrings and other personal ornaments. They are surrounded by bands of flat metal to ensure consistency for the filling so that it maintains its proper shape.

Filigree is extensively used to make Turkish items such as antique decoration pieces and crafts. The use of filigree in Turkish jewellery extends to include necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings and pendants.

The careful metal work combined with Turkish craftsmanship creates beautiful jewellery pieces. Turkish silver filigree is among the most popular pieces from the entire Turkish jewellery range.

Turkish jewellers have mastered the techniques which they combine with the intricate cultural designs to make exquisite jewellery pieces. There are no standard patterns of Turkish filigree as each piece is uniquely designed.

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