Turkish Silver Pendants

Turkish silver pendants are more than just beautiful pieces of jewellery. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish silver jewellery has gained immense popularity all around the world. The trend has caught onto women of all ages who wish to own exclusive and unique pieces of jewellery.

There is a lot of Turkish jewellery available in the market which means a lot of variety and choices.  They come in many designs with intricate craftsmanship, in various shapes and sizes. They complement many styles and are embedded with stones which match other accessories.

Silver pendants are the most popular piece in the Turkish jeweller’s collection. Pendants are an essential part of every jewellery collection as they are versatile pieces which can be integrated with necklaces, bracelets, earrings or brooches. They add oomph to any boring or plain looking piece of jewellery.

Designs and making

The designs are a reflection of classic Turkish artistry and are made using fine quality silver. Every piece is handcrafted which adds to the detailed elegant appearance.

The pendants symbolize Turkish beauty, culture and history. Each piece is unique and has been made with a lot of care and precision. The prices vary depending on the detailing, design, size and quality of the pendant.

More than jewellery

In Turkey  people consider pendants to be more than just an ordinary piece of jewellery worn for adornment. The evil eye pendant or Nazar Boncugu  is extensively purchased and worn by people of all classes. It is a stone bead worn to protect against the forces of evil.

It is considered as an amulet for protection and is used by the majority in the country. Silver evil eye pendants are worn by the wealthier people. The silver makes it appropriate for casual and formal wear as well.

The trend of the evil eye pendant has also caught onto other parts of the world. They are highly demanded and so many independent suppliers have begun shipping Turkish silver pendants abroad.


Turkish silver pendants also make great gifts for the special woman in your life. Some people gift the pendants alone while others make sure to buy the silver chain as well.

Glass tube pendants also make the perfect gifts as one can customize the content in the tubes. You can add items to refer to a special occasion, holiday or to bring back fond memories.

They are also an item to splurge on if you looking for an exquisite piece of jewellery and are also known to bring good luck. So start looking online for a Turkish silver pendant to gift or for yourself.

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