Turkish Silver Rings

Looking for Turkish silver rings? Whether it’s a modern gemstone ring, or traditional Ottoman style, read our guide for more facts and information…

Each piece of Turkish silver jewellery  is made from the highest gradeof .925 sterling silver and comes with a distinctive design. There is an extensive range of silver rings to choose from whether you prefer Puzzle rings, stacked silver rings or semi precious rings. Each one of them reflects the Turkish culture.

These unique pieces are sure to make you stand out by making a bold fashion statement. They come in variety of colors and styles to complement your style.

Some of the famous stones used are agate, turquoise, mother of pearl and of course ruby among others.

Birthstone Ring Collection

The birthstone ring collection has been designed and manufactured in Turkey. The collection is a modern take on ancient Turkish tradition.

They are made from a combination of different metals which come with an original birthstone gem. The foundation of the ring is made from oxidized sterling silver. It is given a cuff- like shape which can be adjusted to fit the standard ring sizes. On the center of the ring sits the birthstone which is covered by an engraved 24-carat gold band and lined on both sides by a small diamond.

The meaning behind the gem

Each gem on the ring symbolizes a certain meaning or an object. Since ancient times people have wished to posses symbolic or sacred objects to gain or benefit. Over the years, the birthstones now represent each of the twelve months of the year.

There also exist many legends, myths and theories about the healing power of these stones. Many people strongly believe in their therapeutic properties. In turkey it is believed that wearing a birthstone in its respective month increases the healing power.

Every stone is believed to give a different benefit however all of them are associated with well being and positive feelings worn any time of the year.

Some of the popular gemstones and their healing properties are as follows.

Garnet: The Garnet is worn to help the heart and lungs, particularly in January. It also wards away nightmares and guides through darkness.

Amethyst: This stone is sought by people looking for peace, protection and tranquility. Its powers are enhanced in February.

Aquamarine: The Aquamarine is assigned the month of March. It is believed that this stone helps making new friends, socializing and is associated with love, hope and affection.

Diamond-cut White Sapphire: One of the most famous and admired stones, the diamond is associated with love, strength and eternity. It is assigned the month of April.

Emerald: This beautiful stone is especially wanted in May and is believed to promote health and the cure ailments.

Pearl : Pearl is assigned the month on June and is associated with modesty and chastity. It is believed to lead to happy marriages.

Ruby: Ruby is assigned the month of July. It is an inspiring stone associated with protection and harmony.

These Turkish silver rings are sophisticated, elegant and believed to possess restorative purposes. Make them a part of your ring collection or give them to your friends as a magical gift.

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