Turkish Spa Bathrobes

Want to buy Turkish spa bathrobes? Looking for the perfect Turkish spa bathrobe? Read on to discover the variety of spa bathrobes that you will be able to find in the market…

Turkish spa bathrobes are much more than your conventional bath accessories drag pieces. They are luxurious commodities that are strongly associated with Turkish social and cultural traditions. With a rich cultural heritage behind them, Turkish spa bathrobes have become popular all over the world today.

Some of the interesting varieties of Turkish spa bathrobes that you will be able to find in the market are as follows:

Velour Shawl Collar Bathrobe with Embroidered Logo

This unique spa bathrobe has been specially designed so as to provide maximum comfort and luxury to the wearer. It has been given an antibacterial treatment to ensure good health and is an environmentally friendly product. The velour shawl collar bathrobe has a very elegant appeal with its unique design. The bathrobe is easy to care for and can be machine-washed and tumble dried without fearing the loss of softness even after repeated washes.

The Lightweight Turkish Hydrocotton Robe

This is yet another special variety that has been made using untwisted cotton yarn. This unique medium makes it an extremely lightweight bathrobe yet it carries the same absorbent qualities that are found in bulkier twisted yarn towels. This bathrobe has been made using a special variety of Turkish cotton that has been harvested from the Denzili region that is credited for having the world’s finest cotton plantation.

The hydrocotton robe has a minimal 370 grams fabric per square meter that has a 35 warp and 12 wefts per inch that give it the ability to absorb water very quickly without being heavy. A very special synthetic yarn treated with polyvinyl alcohol further reinforces the strength and durability of the bathrobe.

The bathrobe has been modeled on the kimono style and has a very delicate and soft hand touch. It features the waffle-weave pattern, which gives it an appealing look. The generous sizing of the robe makes it extremely comfortable, providing plenty of room for easy movement and room for shrinkage after washing. It is available in different sizes for both, men and women.

Turkish Cotton Terry Robe

This is a highly comfortable thick and soft genuine Turkish cotton spa bathrobe. It has been made using luxurious fabric that has a plush feel and a tight woven texture on its surface. The design of the spa bathrobe features double cuffs and a double shawl collar. It also has a self- belt and patch pockets. The 100% cotton bathrobe weighs 14 oz and length can vary from 35 to 55 inches, depending upon your size.

Plain Terry Pool Towels and Bathrobes with Wraps

If you want to go for something a little more special, then you can go for this complete set that features a spa bathrobe along with a set of pool towels and wraps. The soft and luxurious towels are excellent for daily use at the pool, spa and gymnasium. Treated with antibacterial substances they ensure good health and are bound to retain their freshness and softness even after repeated washes.

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