Turkish Tea Brass Sets

Want to buy Turkish tea brass sets? Read on to discover what to expect in a typical Turkish tea brass set…

The Turks have a very rich culture associated with tea. They love to sip on hot drinks and have their own style of making and serving tea to their guests. They make use of exquisitely designed tea sets made out of brass in different styles.

A detailed description of a typical Turkish tea brass set is given below:

Vintage Turkish Tea Set: Brass and Cut Glass

This is a gorgeous vintage Turkish tea set made in engraved brass complimented with glass cups and saucers. It facilitates an exotic tea time for six people. The tray is moveable and measures a total of 13” in diameter and about 15” high. The tray has been made in the traditional hanging style and two matching twisted brass arms that have been connected to the top of the cap using a ring finial. This helps you to carry the entire tea set comfortably.

The brass tray has intricate carvings of floral patterns and geometrical designs. You can also see Arabic script used as decorative motifs on the tray. The matching brass teapot with equally exquisite carvings stands in the center of the tray. It has a very decorative handle and spout and measures a total of 6” high. The interior of the teapot is silver washed. The teapot is topped by a highly decorative tall lid that is very stylized.

The set also includes six saucers made using cut glass along with six diminutive matching glasses. Both these items are beautifully adorned with cut geometrics. You will also find each saucer to be complimented with a brass spoon that is stylized with a floral design. The saucers have been purposefully made deep dished and measure a total of four inches across the rims. The svelte cups on the other hand, are relatively smaller in size as compared to conventional coffee and tea mugs measuring a mere 2 2/3 inches in height and having a diameter of roughly 2 inches only.

In its essence the Turkish brass tea set is an outstanding monument of Turk craftsmanship with its gorgeous construction and aesthetically appealing designs. The best thing about brass tea sets is that they are extremely durable and can be handed down the generations. They are bound to get discolored over time but one simple polishing job can restore the tea set to its original pristine condition.

One of the things that make the typical Turkish brass tea set unique is that it is extremely easy to carry even when fully loaded with tea and the teacups. This is because it comes with an extended stand that allows you to carry it with one finger. You can even hang it on hooks extending from walls. If you are looking to impress your guests by serving them tea in a traditional eastern style then this vintage Turkish brass tea set is what you should be looking for.

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