Turkish Vest Pattern

Are you looking for Turkish vest patterns to add to your belly-dancing costume? Do you want to know more about them and why Turkish vest patterns are becoming increasingly popular amongst belly dancers? Then read our guide for facts and more inform

Turkish vest patterns are used to create Turkish vests, which are used by belly dancers, who find that by simply wearing the decorated bra commonly associated with belly dancing costumes, make them look a little bit too bare. These patterns play on the use of richly colored fabrics, embellishments and accessories to make belly dancers appear less bare on top while providing balance to the fullness of the skirt. Additionally, Turkish vest patterns were inspired by the ancient images and depictions of Harem women and Middle Eastern dancers who have enchanted their audience with their belly dancing prowess.

The most common type of Turkish vest pattern is the keyhole neckline vest. Commonly called a choli, this pattern gets its name from the U-shaped neckline in front that resembled the keyholes used in old Turkish homes. This pattern is cut either with a straight line across the back, or with a point in middle, which is usually decorated with a tassel.

Quality of Turkish Vest Patterns

Many of the Turkish vest patterns that are now being sold in dance costume shops and over the Internet are created using richly colored cotton or glittery fabrics. The arm sleeves and the neckline are usually accentuated with a trim made out of a single line of sequins.

Turkish vest patterns that provide belly dancers with more authentic looks are those that are created using exotic types of textiles that not only come in bold and rich colors, but are also exquisitely decorated with fine embroidery and embellished with accessories such as shisha mirrors. Many of these fabrics now originate from India.

Getting Turkish Vest Patterns

Because of its growing popularity among belly dancers around the world, Turkish vest patterns are now available over the Internet, which you can download either for free, or for a small fee.  Along with these Turkish vest patterns come instructions on how to create your very own Turkish vest for your belly dancing costume. It also provides some suggestions on the choice of fabrics to use to make your vest look authentic without blowing your budget.

If you have money to splurge on Turkish vest patterns, there are a number of belly dancing costume stores that sell these over the Internet. The prices for these patterns vary greatly depending on their genuineness, complexity, and accessories that are used on these patterns.

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