Danish Modern Nest Stacking Tables

Want to buy Danish modern nest stacking tables? Read our guide on the wonderful invention of the Danish stacking table and find out what you can get for your home…

The Danish modern furniture design movement started the trend towards practicality. The idea was to strike a balance between form and function when it came to furniture. This is why you will find Danish furniture to be clean and simple offering full utility and style. The perfect example of this attempt is the Danish modern nest stacking table.

These nesting tables are an excellent choice to go for, especially for those homeowners that are starved for space. This is because you can easily stack these tables on top of each other in a fairly limited amount of space. This gives you the opportunity to utilize your interior to the maximum while making sure you have adequate tabletops when you need to entertain your guests. The idea is to keep the tables stacked under one another under normal circumstances and take them out and utilize them to their maximum ability when you have guests around. Some fine examples of Danish modern stacking tables are mentioned below:

Modern Danish set of 3 nesting tables 1960

This particular specimen belongs to the 1960s. It is a fabulous set of nesting tables made out of fine quality teak wood. They have been constructed according to midcentury design sensibilities that were prevalent in these Scandinavian countries. One of the most interesting things about this particular set is that the legs on these tables can be unscrewed. This gives you further flexibility when it comes to storing these tables when they are not required. The large table measures 21″ x 17″. The medium table on the other hand is 18″ x 15″ whereas the smallest table has a measurement of 14″ x 14″.

Danish Modern Eames Era Stacking Table

This is yet another classic set of Danish modern stacking tables. This particular set has been built according to the Eames Era tradition and makes a great addition for homes decorated according to this theme. The unique thing about this particular set is that it has a very intelligent design where all three tables appear to be almost of the same size. The legs on these tables can be unscrewed for easy storage.

You will find that majority of Danish stacking tables are made using teak wood. This is for two reasons. The first is that it looks great especially when you have the extra grainy texture showing. At the same time it is extremely durable and is bound to give you years of flawless usage. With excellent form and enhanced practicality, these Danish modern stacking tables are a must have for all kinds of interiors. People living in apartments and small houses are particularly fond of these tables because they provide them with flexibility and the ability to entertain their guests.

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