Turkish Wedding Hairstyles

Interested in Turkish Wedding Hairstyles? Want to know what options are available to a Turkish bride? Read on for more facts & information…

Since the majority of the Turkish population is Muslim, most women have long hair. Bridal hairstyles are often dictated by the type of headpiece or veil the bride will wear for her wedding. Orthodox Muslim women usually cover their hair in public and often wear it in braids to keep it tidy and controlled. Many Turkish brides have adopted Western fashion and leave their hair uncovered. Some brides wear their hair down or in curls beneath their headpiece and veil while others choose simple up dos. Turkish wedding hairstyles are usually similar to styles worn by women in Europe and America.

The Groom’s Hairstyle

Interestingly, the hairstyle of the groom has more cultural significance than that of the bride. Turkish men wear their hair short, cut slightly longer in the front. Extreme styles like mullets, mohawks and shaved heads are considered disrespectful and men who opt for such styles risk being ostracized. In Turkey, only Turkish citizens are permitted to become barbers since barbering is considered a sacred art form. While Turkish wedding hairstyles for men have a sameness, deviation from the norm is socially unacceptable.

Popular Bridal Hairstyles

Most brides opt for simple hairstyles that will stand up to the rigors of a typical Turkish wedding celebration. Top knots and chignons are popular as are French twists and side rolls. Brides who display their hair generally do not choose braided styles, but curls and waves are popular and are usually either natural or achieved with a permanent. Styles which are swept back off the face and leave the hair down work well with the majority of headpieces and veils.

Turkish Bridal Veils

In the past, brides nearly always wore veils, often with “blushers” which were worn over the face until the end of the marriage ceremony. Today’s brides may eschew the veil and wear tiaras, jeweled combs, flowers or feathers to adorn their hair. Hairdressers can design Turkish wedding hairstyles around the bride’s choice of hair ornamentation much as they do in other countries.

Turkish Bridal Make-Up

Although most brides opt for simple make-up, some choose more extreme cosmetic enhancements, especially around the eyes. Unlike Muslim brides in Middle Eastern countries, modern Turkish women rarely cover their faces with veils during their wedding celebration. There is little that differentiates Turkish wedding hairstyles from the bridal hairstyles of Western countries and the bridal hair ornaments worn in Turkey are often made in Europe, China or the U.S.

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