Gladiators Australia

Interested in the TV series Gladiators Australia? Read on to learn more about the sports entertainment show known as the Gladiators Australia…

Gladiators Australia is considered a sports entertainment show and has been running since 1995 under the watchful eye of creator Dan Carr. It was developed by MGM Television and its director was Timothy Kupsch who spearheaded the run of the show while it was hosted by Australian Kimberley Joseph and other leading hosts throughout its run on the national television.

Background of the Gladiators Australia

The program ran for five seasons and produced 73 episodes. Filmed at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Queensland the hit program of the late 90s was followed by a revival in 2008 and is being aired continuously.

Participants of the Gladiators Australia

The show is one of the leading Australian television serials, which uses the same name as its American version. It involves competitors who are permanent members of the series who are known as “Gladiators”. They are pitted against one-time series contestants who are known as “Challengers”.

These two competing categories are pitted against each other and tested as they compete in physically and mentally challenging events.

Format of the Gladiators Australia TV Program

The typical format of an episode would include two men and two women serving as the Challengers against the Gladiators in four different events. There are separate events for male and female contestants.

After moving through the stages in the contest each pair will eventually have a face-off in an obstacle course known as The Eliminator.

Any points that the contenders had been awarded previously in their successful achievements are usually counted as time given as a head start to the higher scoring contestant to start navigating the obstacle course earlier than the other competing contender.

The winner of the Eliminator round is considered the champion of that episode. That champion goes on to compete in the final series against the Gladiators.

There are many different events featured in the Gladiators Australia television program. These are selected randomly. Each episode can feature a maximum of four events along with the final round of the obstacle course known as the Eliminator.

Events Featured in Gladiators Australia Television Serial

There are many interesting and physically challenging events that are part of the famous Australian television serial known as the Gladiators. Some of these events are self-explanatory, while others serve to startle the contenders and audience alike.

Some of the most challenging events in terms of physical capabilities were the Wall, the Duel, Hang Tough, the Gauntlet, Hit and Run, Tilt, Powerball and Suspension Bridge among many others.

These events were part of the first series and more challenging events like the Whiplash, Swingshot and Pursuit were added into the second series. The third series saw the introduction of Sky track and Joust and Skytrak, which further enthralled audiences and pushed the bar up for the contenders.

The Eliminator is one obstacle course that was a constant at the tail end of each episode in what was considered the elimination round.

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