Volunteer in Turkey

Want to some volunteer work in Turkey? Need to know why, when and where about volunteering in Turkey? Our guide to volunteer work in Turkey gives you the information you want to know.

There are several charitable organisations and non government organisations that give people the opportunity to volunteer in Turkey. Volunteer projects in Turkey vary widely and can include volunteer teaching at primary schools in Turkey, volunteering to help in orphanages in Turkey, volunteering with handicapped people or even volunteer construction projects in the rural areas of Turkey. Many people who volunteer to work in Turkey become involved in agricultural projects in the countryside of turkey and help the Turkish village locals in the field.

Skills for volunteer projects in Turkey

Some volunteer positions in Turkey require specific skill sets such as teaching or medical qualifications. Other volunteer schemes in Turkey do not require a specific skill set although it is important that volunteers have the correct attitude to participate in volunteer schemes in Turkey. Although there is no set maximum age, volunteers are expected to be physically healthy and many volunteer organisations require that volunteers undergo a physical examination prior to starting the volunteer project. The minimum age for volunteers in Turkey is usually 18.

Costs for volunteer projects in Turkey

Costs incurred for volunteers in Turkey vary depending on the volunteer organisation responsible for the project. Usually the volunteer will have to pay for the airfare by themselves. A lump sum is usually paid by the volunteer to the volunteer organisation in Turkey which includes costs including food and board, as well as any equipment that may be used by the volunteer through the course of the project.

Working conditions in volunteer projects in Turkey

Volunteers usually work in groups that vary in size depending on the scale of the volunteer project. Often the volunteer organisation tries to place volunteers from different nationalities together so you will find volunteers of different nationalities working together. The volunteer organisation in Turkey usually provides a local Turkish translator to overcome communication problems with Turkish people. Volunteers can be given board with a host Turkish family or alternatively be put up in a hostel or camp. It is very important for volunteers going to Turkey to familiarise themselves with cultural differences in order not to offend Turkish people.

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