Wild Turkey Decanter

Looking for a wild turkey decanter? Learn how to scout out the good quality wild turkey decanters…

Many people start collecting wild turkey decanters quite by chance. It is often a hobby inspired by the purchase of a single unique decanter which features a wild turkey on it. This makes you start noticing the different kinds of birds available in such bottles and may inspire a collector’s spree.

You can find decanters in a variety of designs which include animals, religious celebration themes, popular celebrities and sports like soccer and basketball among others. The collections, which are initiated by different wild turkey decanter collectors, can be based on a particular brand, a particular manufacturer or even a limited edition series made by specific manufacturers.

Serious collectors often stick to just one theme and indulge in collecting particular game birds like the wild turkey only. However, it is important to know some basic information about collecting decanters so that your investment is secure and worthwhile.

How to Select Popular Collectible Decanters

You might wonder what comprises as a collectible while turkey decanter. Start by looking at online auctions and message boards for the value of different commemorative issues and wildlife decanters. Anything unique like a music box built into the base or ceramic and wooden bases for the wild turkey decanter can drive up its collector’s value.

However, the most popular basis for collecting these bottles is the manufacturer’s label which should be stuck to the base of the decanter and often includes the product name and code as well as the designer’s name. It is a good idea to select limited edition pieces on which the total number produced has been mentioned. It is sometimes very difficult to trace the authenticity and origin of antique wild turkey decanters, but they make a good part of a collection in any case.

Investing In a Good Quality Wild Turkey Decanter

While these bottles are normally full of alcoholic liquid, it is not a good idea to retain the liquid inside the bottle because it erodes the quality of China and starts to eat the bottle from inside. A full bottle and wild turkey decanter is not generally more expensive when compared to an empty one. The real value of the wild turkey decanter is in its brand and the quality of the bird depicted on it and not the liquid inside.

Before you purchase any decanter you should make sure that the condition of the bottle is very good and that it does not have any chips or cracks. Furthermore, the bottle should be complete with its top and base along with the lid or the cork. The cork or screw stoppers on the bottle can become very tight and when you own one you should make sure that they remain well lubricated so that they do not dry out and get stuck in the spout of the bottle.

Before you purchase from an online vendor make sure that you check out the selling and trading boards on which wild turkey decanter collectors normally interact. This will give you insight into reputable sellers and buyers of wild turkey decanters and you can comfortably take part in an auction to purchase some decanters yourself.

Maintaining the Wild Turkey Decanters

These beautiful wild turkey decanters often depict the birds in full glory with their tail feathers fanned out, perched on a log or ready to fly. The intricate designs do collect dust in their grooves and it is a good idea to dust them frequently while occasionally washing them with liquid soap.

The different decanters are made out of glass, China or porcelain and need to be handled with care. When the finished surface has the color fired into it, the wild turkey decanter will not lose its lustre and gloss if you wash it.

However, decanters created before 1955 were finished off with cold paint. This normally wears off and chips with time so it is essential to use a small soft cloth to dust it. Dust them frequently and do not wash them with liquid soap.

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