How To Live In Port Isabel?

Port Isabel

The city of Port Isabel is located in Texas, US. It is located just 2.5 miles from South Padre Island. It is included in the metropolitan areas of Matamoros Brownsville and the Brownsville Harlingen Raymondville. This small community city boasts of family friendly activities as well as attractions. It also offers newly relocated families and retirees plenty of fun and adult activities.

This small community town came into existence after the revolution of Mexico. The city became a vital center for cotton export before civil war. The town, lighthouse and harbor went out to various authorities when the War was going on. Hurricane Beulah caused massive damage to the most parts of the Port Isabel in 1967. Again, in 2008, the city came under the grip of category two storms known as Hurricane Dolly that resulted further dent to Port Isabel.

As per the information deciphered by the Census Bureau of the US, 2.9 sq ml is Port Isabel’s complete area, of which, 0.7 sq ml covers water and land is 2.2 sq ml.

Interesting facts related with Port Isabel

As of now, population of the city is more than 5040. Since 2000, the population grew up by 1.08 percent. The median home price in port Isabel is $179,000 approximately. Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of living at Port Isabel is 5.2 percent lower than USA average.

Public schools of this city spend $10,617 per student approximately. The average expenditure of school in the USA is $12,435. The student – teacher ratio at a school in Port Isabel is quite reasonable. As far as unemployment scenario goes, the unemployment rate in Port Isabel is 8.01 percent as compared to US average which is 6.3 percent.

Real estate market

As Port Isabel has decent population with all basic amenities available, you can decide to stay in this beautiful city. The real estate market is also booming presently and you can avail a house of any budget as per your affordability. Here are few steps that you can take for making a purchase decision.

Step 1 – Check Your Affordability

The single major consideration while deciding to stay somewhere is whether you can afford it or not. Truly speaking, finding an accommodation eats up most of your budget. As per a reliable source, the average price that one has to pay for buying a home at Port Isabel is $107,000 approximately. As per a past data published on 2009, the average price for rent was $507 approximately. Because of its nearness to South Padre Island, Port Isabel also boasts of high valued properties with prices reaching millions of dollars.

Step 2 – Conduct A Research On Employment Opportunities

You need to research on job situation. Unless you are independently wealthy or retired, you have to make a living. The popular industries of Port Isabel are construction, administrative support, accommodation and food services, waste management, public administration and retail.

As per a survey conducted in 2009, the average household income was $24,445 as compared to Texas with an average of $48,259. As for education is concerned, around sixty percent of residents have school diploma certification and around twelve percent of people possess college degree or higher education. Unemployment rate is not so high, but the average salaries are lower than Texas or national averages. As per a past report, the cost of living is below the USA average.

Step 3 – Consider Entertainment Options

There are lots of entertainment options available at Port Isabel. It depends upon your preference, which one to go for. As the city is situated beside sea, you can relish upon several mouth watering recipes at seafood restaurants and enjoy drinks at bars. The city is 2.5 miles away from beaches of South Padre Island, which offer all terrain vehicle trails, hiking, swimming, water sports, fishing and sun bathing opportunities.

If you are fond of fishing, you can spend your day by catching flounder, speckled trout, redfish, snapper, snook, tarpon and mackerel. You can also avail bird watching opportunities along with major attractions like Port Isabel Historic Museum that houses artifacts of Mexican- American war, Port Isabel Lighthouse and Treasures of Gulf Museum that is dedicated to Spanish shipwrecks dating back to 1500′s.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a very popular monument situated at Port Isabel. In the year 1852, this was constructed for guiding ships through Brazos Santiago Pass to Port Isabel. The lighthouse was acclaimed by the National register of Historic Places in the year 1976. On 28 September 1850, the US congress authorized some appropriation amount for a beacon light and lighthouse at Brazo Santiago Pass. During 1852, the work progressed and after completion, the 82 feet high lighthouse came up with only four lights installed on it. By the year 1854, the tower had twenty one reflectors and fifteen lamps. However, during the American Civil War, the lighthouse was occupied by soldiers from both sides. After the war ended, it was refitted and the lighthouse resumed its operation in 1866.

Port Isabel Historical Museum

Port Isabel Historical Museum is located at Champion Building. The museum boasts state of art facility. It was built in the year 1899, which was used as a dry goods store. Now such museum houses a theater and a gift shop. You can find largest collection of artifacts related with American – Mexican war. The façade sports the famous fish mural which was painted by a local fisherman in the year 1906.

Treasures Of The Gulf Museum

Treasures Of The Gulf Museum highlights three Spanish shipwrecks of 1554. Meeting their fate just thirty miles north of Port Isabel, they are brought to life with artifacts, murals and hands on activities. During your visit at this museum, you can also enjoy at Ship Theatre, Children’s Discovery Lab and purchase novelty items from a gift shop housed there.

Step 4 – Research On School Education System

You need to research on school education and higher study options. If you a parent of a kid, it is important that you should be familiar with the local school system. Such public school system is run by Port Isabel Independent school district administration. There are two types of elementary schools that can be categorized as high school and middle school. The University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas State Tech College and Texas Southmost College, all are located within fifty miles radius.

University Of Texas At Brownsville

The University Of Texas at Brownsville educates more than twelve thousand students every year. The university has been an active member of The University Of Texas system since 1991. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to students. University Of Texas at Brownsville is committed to expand knowledge through students’ success through innovation and by achieving excellence in academic areas including research and making education affordable. The university boasts of multicultural educational environment which highlights tradition, heritage and unity.

Texas State Tech College

Texas State Tech College is the one and only state supported technical college in Port Isabel. With its broader mission and statewide role, TSTC is effectively and efficiently helping students to meet high tech challenges of present global economy, in collaboration with various governmental agencies, other educational institutions and many business houses. This college has higher graduation rates and carries an outstanding record in graduating students belonging to diverse socio-economical and cultural backgrounds.

Texas Southmost College

Texas Southmost college was established in the year 1926 with the initial name as The Junior College Of The Lower Rio Grande Valley. The college name was changed to Brownsville Junior College in 1931. In 1949, it was rechristened to Texas Southmost College. Its first classes were held at the local high school building. The school district administration issued bonds in 1927, for construction of a new building to accommodate junior college and high school.

The college offers various graduating courses including accounting, arts, architecture, automobile technology, business management, computer aided drafting technology, computer science, computer web development, criminal justice, air conditioning and refrigeration, emergency medical science, nursing, social work, radiologic technology and many more.

Step 5 – Research on Medical Facilities

When you are planning to live in a place, searching for the health care facilities is a must. Several health care facilities are located at South Padre, Brownsville, and various other areas of Port Isabel. The easiest way is to search the local directories for medical centers and health care systems, and note down the contact details.

So, you can see how Port Isabel makes your life cheerful amidst basic amenities. You can avail homes based on your budget. Taking care of education of your ward is not a problem as you can find many schools and colleges offering courses matching higher standards. In order to take care of your entertainment needs, there are host of options to enjoy. It will be a wise decision on your part if you settle in this beautiful city.

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