African American Formal Hairstyles

African American formal hairstyles are worn during formal occasions. The key here is to keep everything simple, neat and somewhat conservative so the typical African American formal hairstyles for men are short or bald while for women, waves and ligh

Short Formal Hairstyle for Men

In 1970, the Afro hairstyle was the trend among the African American people because it was a symbol of their pride. Today, the Afro-look, also known as the mini-fro is making a comeback. It is more controlled, a bit shorter and sleek compared to the original Afro-hairstyle. The mini-fro hairstyle is one of the most popular African American formal hairstyles worn by men these days.

Also, one of the short African American formal hairstyles for men is the fade hairstyle.  The cut is similar to that of a flat top hair and the sides are either shaved or cropped to make you look neat and tidy. This type of hairstyle goes well in any formal attire. Men sporting a short hairdo look smart and neat.

Updo Hairstyles for Women

Most African American women of today go for a straightened or relaxed hairstyle because this type of hair can be easily styled into different updo hairstyles. Straight hair is easy to manage and smoothened to create a classic and formal updo. Among the most typical African American formal hairstyles is the traditional French twist.

The French twist is versatile and can produce an elegant and conservative look. The simplicity that this hairstyle can create makes it perfect for formal events and occasions. It does not only give you a stylish and elegant look but it also helps you move your head freely and comfortably. You may have seen celebrities wearing an updo hairstyle at formal celebrity events.

Long and Wavy Formal Hairstyle

Another great way to style relaxed or straightened hair is to have it with wavy or light curls. This is great to flaunt your long tresses and create a softer look appropriate for formal occasions.  One of the trends of the African American formal hairstyles is the long and wavy look. If you want people to think that you are a free-spirited individual, you can choose to have this look. Or you can also give the impression of being conservative with a long and wavy hairstyle.

The hair is actually styled using big rollers so that it can have the effect of long and flowing hair. The bangs can also be lightly curled and swept across your face for that flirty and fun look. This hairstyle is great for long and mid-length hair as it can give the hair softness and a lot of body. This type of hairstyle can also be sported in various occasions.

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