Airports Near Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge Colorado is a premier skiing destination in the USA. For more facts & information on airport options near Breckenridge read on…

There are a number of small airports near Breckenridge, Co., but the nearest international airport is   Denver. Most people fly into Denver and take a connecting flight into domestic  airports like Eagle County Regional, Colorado Springs or Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. There are seven domestic or regional airports near Breckenridge,Co.

Breckenridge Airports Closest

Eagle County Regional Airport and Aspen-Pitkin County Airport are both 48 miles from Breckenridge and are the closest to the area. While the two airports are about the same actual distance from Breckenridge, the driving distance from Eagle County is about 71 miles, but the driving distance from Aspen-Pitken County is about 136 miles. Denver International airport is about 77 miles  from the town of Breckenridge but the driving distance is about 104 miles. The mountainous terrain increases driving distances because roads are built to go around the largest obstacles.

Other area airports include Colorado Springs which is about 116 driving miles from Breckenridge, Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport which is about 140 driving miles, Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport which is 128 driving miles and Yampa Valley Airport which is about 127 driving miles. While many of these airports may be closer to Breckenridge in actual distance, the character of the roads means there may not be any direct route from the airport to the town.

Breckenridge Airport Code

There are several airport codes that can be used when flying to Breckenridge, since the codes are different for each of the airports. The code for Denver International is DEN, Eagle County Regional is EGE, Colorado Springs is COS, Aspen-Pitkin is ASE, Fort Collins/Loveland is FNL, Gunnison Airport is GUC and Yampa Valley is HDN. There is a small airport located in Breckenridge, airport code QKB, which can handle small aircraft and private shuttles. Since the airport is private and very small, it is difficult to find information about flight services. Regional airline services may be able to provide information about shuttle or charter flights to Breckenridge Null Airport.

Breckenridge Airport Closed

During peak tourist season in the winter months, air travel into the Breckenridge area can be unpredictable. The weather at high altitudes can change quickly diverting flights to other airports. Although flights into Denver may be diverted to Colorado Springs, weather can affect all the airports in the area causing flights to be diverted as far away as Nevada or New Mexico. When weather conditions are poor, small planes are usually grounded making air travel into Null Airport impossible.

Breckenridge Airport Bus

Shuttle bus service is available from Denver International, Eagle County Regional and Colorado Springs Airports to Breckenridge. Visitors can also choose to hire a private car service or rent a car at these airports to make the drive. There are no car rental services at Breckenridge Null Airport, but the resort does provide ground transportation for the one mile drive from the airport. Private taxi services may also be available. Enterprise Car Rentals provides rental cars by reservation in the Breckenridge area. There are also all terrain vehicle rental services in the town of Breckenridge.

Breckenridge Airport Directions

While those taking a shuttle or car service will not need directions to Breckenridge from area airports, visitors who choose to use a rental car can inquire at the rental service counter. Most rental cars come equipped with a GPS navigation system which makes directions unnecessary. Since weather conditions in the mountains change rapidly and roads may be closed, it is smart to check with local car rental agencies, weather services or traffic authorities for road closings before leaving the airport. Navigation systems do not always have information on closed roads.

There are several airports near Breckenridge, Co. which makes air travel to the area fairly easy. Most visitors choose to fly into Denver International airport, but nearby regional airports may be less crowded and provide faster and easier service for passing through security and collecting or checking luggage. Since no commercial airline companies offer service to Null Airport in Breckenridge, it may be necessary to book a flight through a private charter company for those who prefer to avoid ground transportation.

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