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Interested in American eagle jeans? Explore the different categories of jeans developed by the company…

The name of American Eagle Outfitters occupies the top spot if you are looking for jeans in the market. The company has long been established as the pioneer in producing state of the art denim jeans of different fits, textures and styles.

Some of the most interesting categories of jeans by American Eagle are as follows:

American Eagle Low Rise Jeans

The brand name is credited as being the innovator and propagator for these kinds of jeans for men. The unique fit sits low on the hip and has a very cool look to it. The low rise jeans are incredibly comfortable along with being stylish. They can go down straight or have a loose fit through the hip. They have been made available in a variety of boot cut styles to suite your tastes.

American Eagle Vintage Slim Jeans

If you want a touch of old school American fashion then this category has the all time classic skinny leg design which has been given a modern twist. Like the above mentioned category these too sit low on the hips but go straight down all the way through. They are developed in the give pocket design with various different feels. This is one of the most popular categories of jeans produced by the company.

American Eagle Destroyed Jeans

At first glance one may not be too keen on exploring this category but in truth it captures the essence of the rugged look that is popular amongst the masses today. The level of destruction on each pair may vary from rip and repair detailing to total deconstructed detailing with patch work. Capture the ruggedness of life in these fantastic jeans by American Eagle.

American Eagle Blue Jeans

You will be amazed at the exhaustive list of blues that American eagle has to offer. The truly unique dark rich indigo wash is one of the most intriguing shades of blue by the company. The dark brush wash is another excellent variety that has a sober and serene appeal.

If you want to go for all time classics then the tranquil light sandy wash is a color truly worth checking out. The traditional white wash and the faded bleach wash with their outstanding appeal have also been incredibly popular amongst the masses.
American Eagle Junior Jeans

The collection of American Eagle jeans has something in it for the little ones. The company launched a special section for kids clothing by the name of 77kids. The category of jeans has some interesting variety of jeans such as the 77 big sky boot jeans. These are extremely comfortable jeans that have been equipped with an elastic band on the waistband that helps to fit the jeans according to the size of the wearer. The 77 super straight is another variety that will gear your little ones up in style. These have been created in the five pocket design and are painted in the medium wash classic jeans design.

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