American Girl Marisol

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American Girl Marisol is an 18” limited edition Girl of the Year doll that was released in December 2004. She is part of a line of Girl of the Year dolls that American Girl, a company that produces historic and contemporary period dolls, releases each year. As a limited edition doll, American Girl Marisol was available only for one year and has one book. The doll’s full name is Marisol Luna.

American Girl Marisol Luna represents a 10 year old Hispanic girl who is passionate about dancing and aspires to become a dancer. Marisol knows how to tap, jazz and ballet. Marisol is in Grade Four and has a cat named Rascal. She loves dancing the ballet folklorico or Mexican folkdance and is a Two-Square Champion at school. Marisol’s family has to move to the suburbs and Marisol discovers that her new neighbourhood does not have a dance studio.

Marisol’s story concerns being resourceful and developing new friendships. Her story also espouses the value of trying hard to achieve one’s ambitions and to not give up in the face of challenges.

The Marisol doll has long wavy brown hair and brown eyes. The skin tone is medium. Marisol wears a purple sweater over a pink blouse and brown ankle length pants. She has a purple knitted beret, a knitted long scarf around her neck and brown shoes on her feet.

All the Marisol collection, except book, was completely sold out on the American Girl website on December 15, 2005. Marisol may be purchased on the secondary market.

American Girl Marisol Activities

The ‘Fun for Girls’ section of the American Girl website has a section dedicated to Marisol where young girls can become absorbed in a game about their favourite doll. Marisol wallpapers are available to be downloaded for free. Girls visiting the website can also send e-cards featuring Marisol to their friends and loved ones. An excerpt of the contents from the book on Marisol is available online and provides a brief glimpse of Marisol’s life. This would be enough to whet the appetite of young girls who want to purchase the story of American Girl Marisol.

American Girl Marisol is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to be resourceful and work hard to achieve their ambitions.

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