American Indian Edged Weapons

Want to buy American Indian edged weapons? Read on for interesting facts and information about each different kind of American Indian edged weapon…

The Native American Indians made use of a variety of edged weapons in different forms. Edged weapons were meant to pierce through the skin of the opponent during a battle or game during a hunting expedition. Over the years American Indian edged weapons have acquired collector’s value and are much sought after by people from all around the world.

Buffalo Shoulder Knife w. Beaded sheath

This is a trademark Sioux style buffalo knife. The reason why it is named so is because it is made using the shoulder bone of a buffalo. The shoulder bone is meticulously crafted to form the blade. However the buffalo shoulder knife was meant to be a one-time use weapon only. It was primarily used to slash into the opponent’s chest and snap it off. The traditional American Indian edged weapon comes along with a beaded sheath. The special sheath for the Buffalo knife was made using clear leather. The lazy stitch technique along with traditional Native American beadwork was used to create the sheaths for the Buffalo knife.

Beaver Tail Dagger Kit

This is yet another fine example of the traditional weapons that were used by the native Indians. Originally it featured a 7 inch carbon steel plate that was hand forged. The knife was given a polished finish so as to make it stand out. The dagger is also adorned with curly maple scales and features brass rods and pins. Interested individuals will be able to pick up a modern replica of this traditional beaver tail dagger in the market.

Throwing knife

As the name suggests this knife was meant to be thrown at the opponent or game from a distance. Although different tribes have their own ways of making the throwing knife the standard measurement was 14 inches. In order for this edged weapon to perform its function accurately it needed to be well-balanced and extremely light weight. They would meticulously carve great cutting-edges on their throwing knives and the blades were usually thicker than other conventional knives.

Long Hunter knife

This was one of the most extraordinary Native American edged weapons. The most distinctive feature of the Long Hunter knife was a sleek point steel blade that was purposefully made thicker than all other edged weapons. In order for a hunting knife to be classified as a Long Hunter’s knife it had to measure at least 11 inches long. The natives would decorate the grip using various adornments such as creating a simulated stag grip or incorporating a crown end. The Long Hunter’s knife also features a solid brass guard. The natives would also create a special laced sheath out of leather that could be hooked onto the belt.

Native American edged weapons have been lauded for their precision construction and spot on delivery. Each tribe had its own unique style of creating edged weapons which they used for the purposes.

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