American Silver Eagle Sets

Interested in American silver eagle sets? Discover the ultimate American Eagle sets released by the United States Mint…

American silver eagle coins are sold separately and also available in sets. The sets are composed of a number of different special coins that make a great collection. Over the years the United States Mint has released many different sets on many different occasions.

American Eagle 20th Anniversary Sets

Amongst the latest series are the special American Eagle 20th Anniversary Sets. These are amongst the most prized collections of American eagle coins. Three sets of special coins were released on the 20th Anniversary of the United States Mint. This included the Silver, Gold Eagles in Uncirculated, Proof and Reverse Proof Finishes.

The sets have been priced at a full hundred dollars. Each set is composed of a proof, reverse proof and uncirculated silver eagle. Both the proof silver coin and the uncirculated coins have been minted in West Point and therefore have the W mint mark. On the other hand the reverse proof is minted in Philadelphia which is why it bears the P mint mark.

American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold & Silver Set

Perhaps the most highly revered American Eagle coin set is the American Eagle 20TH Anniversary Gold & Silver Set. This special set is being sold in the market for $850. The set is composed of an uncirculated silver eagle and an uncirculated one ounce golf eagle. Both of these coins have the W mint mark. You will also receive an information booklet that has the history of United States gold and silver coins along with this set.

The third set, which is priced at $2,160 is a collector’s pride as well as a great medium of investment. This is the all gold set which is composed of a proof, reverse proof and uncirculated one ounce gold eagle. All of these coins have been minted in West Point and have the W mint mark.

The silver set priced at $100 has been minted in a quantity of 250,000. The Gold and Silver Set priced at $850 has been minted in a quantity of 20,000. Only 10,000 pieces of the high priced Gold Coin Set have been minted.

The United States Mint has been producing American Eagle Coin Sets since 1986. As of tradition the coins feature a historic graphic image of the walking liberty with the torch and olive branch. This image is taken from the works of the renowned sculptor Augustus Saint Gauden. The reverse side of the American Eagle gold coin features a male eagle with an olive branch in its talon flying over a nest. The nest has a female egg with her hatchings.

Another version of the coin has a full length image of the walking liberty designed by Adolph A. Weinman. The reverse side of this coin has the image of the heraldic shielded eagle. This is the more popular of the two designs and American Eagle Silver coins are to be found in mostly stamped with these designs.

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