Apartments For Rent Near California State University Long Beach

Looking for Apartments for rent near California State University Long Beach? Find the perfect apartment to rent in Long Beach near California State University…

Why would you want to live near California State University? There are many advantages of getting an apartment in Long Beach that is located close to the California State University. You don’t necessarily have to be a student, but if you are one then the sheer proximity to the campus makes this location perfect.

It is a good idea to have an off-campus residence so that you can enjoy privacy and peace. With more than 40,000 students enrolled in the University. Being recognized as one of the most amazing and great value colleges across the world. The requirement for off-campus rentals is very high. Which makes it interesting that the university has been nicknamed “The Beach”.

Amenities around the University and Residential Communities

The area around this University is very walkable and safe. You can get out and enjoy the fitness centers, hang out at the cafés, or go jogging in the park. All these amenities are in close proximity to the residential district. Unfortunately, with an army base and industrial parks surrounding the local university area transportation is a must when one is trying to travel outside to any of the other major hot spots.
Neighborhoods with Good Housing Options

There are different neighborhoods like Signal Hill, Belmont Heights, and Bixby Knolls which offer great housing options for students. All though Belmont Heights is very busy, and prices are higher than the Bixby Knolls area which is quieter and closer to the campus.

Rentals in Long Beach Close to State University

When it comes to housing and apartments in Long Beach for students you can find very pricey apartments in this area. An average apartment would start at $700 a month, and can go as high as $900 a month depending on the area that you choose.

Restaurants and Eateries around the Area

The city has amazing restaurants and Long Beach is known for its great activities which offer good weekend fun. The highly recommended venues are the Joe Dive Bar and Sandwiches, and Viento y Agua Coffee House and Gallery. Apart from this students who like good food for great value would enjoy the beach walk Café, Rascals Teriyaki Grill, Pizzamania, and the Nugget Grill.

Popular Apartments in the Region

The Long Beach California residents like the Hathaway community. It offers one bedroom and two bedrooms apartments starting at $1100 up to $1700. Arch Stone Long Beach is also reputed to have the same rental rates for their one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. You can find the  high end apartments, the pricier residences, at the Crossings at the Bay and Marina. Of course the Bixby village offers expensive yet very exclusive housing at the Part Ways. On the other hand the Mabrisa Apartments are so exclusive that the prices are rarely listed.

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