Bakersfield California Real Estate

Are you interested in buying real estate in Bakersfield, California? Want to get information regarding homes and mortgage statistics? Read this guide to get the detailed information…

Bakersfield is situated 100 miles north-west to the city of Los Angeles, in California. Bakersfield is located in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and is in Kern County.  Many people who are interested in outdoor activities stop over here while coming from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and vice-versa. After you visit this place you can engage yourself in thrilling adventure sports, like whitewater rafting or hot-air ballooning. You can experience the thrill of rafting on the Kern River or catching a panoramic view of the San Joan Valley while floating in a balloon! The main occupation pursued here is agriculture which can be easily made out from the wide variety of crops that are grown in this region. Among the 250 categories of different crops, 30 belong to various types of nuts and fruits, 40 for different vegetables and field crops are grown in as many as 20 different types.

Apart from agriculture, the other big industries which are prevalent over here are livestock, lumber, dairy products and poultry farming. The renowned Bakersfield College and California State University are also situated in this area. Many museums and art galleries are also present over here. Hence, if you buy real estate in Bakersfield you can be assured of various activities to keep yourself engaged.

Real Estate In Bakersfield California

Residential properties which are present in Bakersfield number 83,428 which also include brand new houses. The average size of the household is 3.41. The majority of houses are 3-bedroomed which represent nearly 56% of the total figure. 4-bedroomed homes are nearly 22% of the total figure, with 2-bedroomed being at 14%.   Homes having more than 5 bedrooms or those with just 1 are not that common, with figures of 2% and 3% respectively. Most of the houses present are with mortgage and their percentage is nearly 82%.

The median values of real estate tax and family income were $1,422 (calculated in the year 2000) and $45,556 (computed in the year 1999). Both these figures are more than the median values of U.S.A. for real estate and income for the corresponding years. People over the age of 65 years constitute 8.8% of the total population in Bakersfield. The working group is approximately 99,769 and they are over the age of 16 years. Out of these people, 92.68% has its own conveyance, 1.73% use public transport and 1.32% walks to workplace.

Before buying or selling any real estate in Bakersfield it is suggested that you get in touch with any competent real estate agent who would be able to reduce lot of your headaches.

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