Black and Silver American Flag

Want to know about the black and silver American flag? Find out what it means to hang the black and silver American flag outside your door…

As of tradition and official legislation the American flag is made up of three colors which are red, white and blue. However, recently a rather tainted version of the American flag has come into observation. This is the black and silver American flag which has been raised up by the masses today.

America is currently undergoing one of the worst economic crises in the history of the country. The severity of crisis is still being realized as unemployment levels increase, foreclosures sky rocket and gas prices continue to rise. The black and silver flag is a symbolic representation of the current recession that the country is going through.

It is basically a sign to show that people are willing and striving to take a stand against the rising rate of unemployment and ever increasing rate of foreclosures and gas prices.

A number of hip hop artists have also started making use of the black and white American flag in their music videos. This goes to show that even music artists are addressing political and social issues with the black and silver American flag by depicting it in their music videos. The news of this depiction has made it big across the world.

In its essence the black and silver American flag is a call for change. In these current situations change is what America needs. As it is the presidency has changed hands and all those that have voted for this change are hopeful that the economy will be revived if everybody works together and makes the required effort.

Desecration Charges against Black and Silver American Flag

Some people are of the notion that tainting the official U.S flag in this manner is actually an act of desecration. However by law, it is not. Rather as mentioned above it is an expression of freedom of speech. It is a protest against the current political leaders and a call for change.

However, there is a darker side to the Black and Silver American flag. This is the fact that it is taken as a plea to bring more black leaders into the government. This objective has been achieved with a black man becoming the president of the United States for the very first time.

Many communities in America are going through dark times at the moment. The only source of support that people have in such cases is to treat each other with kindness and facilitate each other as much as they can.

The black and silver American flag shows the readiness of the American public to be able to bear the current recession and their will and perseverance to get through these difficult times. Irrespective of the skin color of the individuals in the country, everybody is suffering.

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