Bungee Jumping In Southern California

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Bungee jumping is a sport that more and more people are participating in. Bridge bungee jumping in Southern California is exceptionally popular and you can jump of a 120 foot high bridge. The thrilling rush of sensation is enjoyed by most jumpers. You must be enjoy this activity first hand to understand the thrill behind it. If an adventurous person is looking for the right adrenaline rush, then bridge bungee jumping in Southern California is the perfect platform.

Instead of jumping off from a raised crane, going off the bridge gives you a chance to jump from greater heights. Southern California has beautiful outdoor locations to enjoy a jump from. There are many popular bridges utilized for bungee jumping in Southern California, such as the ‘The Bridge to Nowhere,’ which is a stunning location to jump from.

Bungee Jumping Expressions In Southern California

There are companies that provide exceptional packages that allow consumers to enjoy the thrill of the sport. It is possible to walk through the Los Angeles National Forest and arrive at the destination. The packages are configured to allow you different numbers of jumps from the bridge. Is possible to take up to five dives in different styles like the back dive, swallow dive, and jumping from the railing. The harness style covers the ankle harness or popular body harness for safety and security.

Location And Regulations

Located in the scenic San Gabriel Mountains towards the north of the City of Azusa, CA is the Bridge to Nowhere. The road towards the bridge was washed out by a huge flood, and in its place lies a 5 mile hiking track. The Sheep Mountain Wilderness Area surrounds this private property. The jumps are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. However, with a seven-day notice it is possible to make special arrangements for a week day jump. Reservations are simply made on the phone with the credit card.

The guests meet at 7:30 AM at the office in Azusa. The persons should arrive with all the equipment required and be ready to go as soon as the group convenes. Spectators are welcome without any cost. Anyone on the team who is less than 18 years of age will require a parent to be present at the jump. Once you take the scenic drive to the historic San Gabriel Canyon, the vehicles are parked at the secure parking gate. You will have to purchase the pass for the vehicle. The trailhead begins with the 5 mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, so you need to have your backpack ready for the orientation.

Equipment And Clothing For The Hike

There is a creek that needs to be crossed at least 3 times, and water can range up to 3 feet high. You need to be equipped in clothing to manage that. You need hiking footwear and closed shoes for safety. Since the weather is hot and dry you need fluids, sunscreen and sunglasses to remain comfortable. In the cold weather you should bring hot chocolate, raingear, beanies and warm clothing. The hike takes two hours so you should be fit enough to walk at a brisk pace. A full picnic lunch is required for each person and no alcohol is allowed. Since you will be 5 miles away from your vehicle you must have everything in your backpack. You can use the water filter to refill your bottles at the bridge.

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