California Real Estate Exam

Want info on the California real estate exam? Read our guide on how to get the license by passing the California real estate examinations…

The first step towards getting a California real estate license is taking the California real estate exam. However, there are many prerequisites to fill before taking the exam.

How to Get the License:

To take the California real estate exam you must be 18 years or older and be a legal citizen of America. After taking the exam, you have to be sure that you were honest about every detail you provided, even about criminal convictions, as even a minor conviction may result in your application being denied. You have to ensure that your application has been approved by the California Department of Real Estate. Education also plays a vital role in obtaining your license so ensure that you have completed the education specified for taking the exam and the subsequent license.

What Should I Study?

Before you can sit for the California real estate exam, you must make sure that you have completed three college level courses, which include Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one elective that you can opt for according to your preference. However, the more sought after elective courses include property management, office administration and appraisals. These courses should be opted for at a college level and should be taken at an accredited school.


If you are a law school graduate or have taken the broker exam and qualified for it, you do not need the courses specified above and your educational requirements are already fulfilled.

Also, if you have failed to complete the three required courses or even any one of them and have taken the California real estate exam. You then have around 18 months to complete the courses and submit a copy of your transcript, although an extra fee will be charged.

However, it is necessary to be enrolled in the real estate principles course before you can be allowed to take your California real estate exam. If the course is not taken, you will not be allowed to take your exam.

I Am Not from California:

If you wish to become a real estate agent in California but are not a resident of California, you are required to apply as an out-of-state applicant. This will enable you to not only take your real estate exam, but also obtain a California real estate license. This will also be your ticket to become a practicing agent in California.

Why Opt to be A California Real Estate Agent:

In recent years the world has seen major financial crisis. However, the California real estate market has seemed to fare quite well, even during the near economic meltdown. Even during the year the Californian real estate market was about 20% lower than its average, the market still sold around 40,000 houses. This proves that the California market is not only humongous but also that it provides good business even when the national market is suffering. It is predicted that in the coming years the California real estate market will be on the top of the list of the 15 top real estate markets.

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