Dog Day Care Breckenridge

Dog day care services in Breckenridge provide individual care for pets, balancing socialization and physical activities and grouping them according to their temperaments. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Vacations are a time to have fun and experience new things as a family including your pets. However, it is important to locate a proper dog day care facility, so that your pet will be safe while you are away on some of your vacation outings. Breckenridge, a world-class ski resort, has good pet day care centers to handle your situation. Some of them handle all types of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, mice, ferrets, birds and gerbils.

Outdoor activities at pet day care centers

Day care facilities have large fenced areas to run the dogs on a daily basis. As their staff members are experts in handling dogs, they group them appropriately, in terms of their age, temperament and playfulness. Whether it is playtime in the snowy slopes or walks in the neighborhood, these facilities ensure individual supervision for each dog. Specialized facilities have artificial turf on their playgrounds instead of gravel. They also ensure round-the-clock monitoring against fire hazards and security threats.

Indoor facilities at day care centers

Some facilities permit indoor interactions in designated areas. They have toys, play areas and games to keep the dogs busy. Though kennel facilities are provided, the dogs are not confined to kennels. They are left to play with dogs of the same temperament and age. The staff members hold qualifications in dog training and hence, they are well-versed with the behavior of dogs. Their expertise ensures that there is no aggressive behavior and high energy dogs are provided with loads of activity both indoors and outdoors. The dietary needs are taken care of in accordance to their age and requirements.

Dog day care environment

Dog day care centers have multiple environments. Some Breckenridge dog care facilities have a cage-free set up, while others have kennels. The environment is kept safe and healthy, with segregated areas for dogs of different sizes and temperaments.  They have access to an on-call vet in case the need arises.

Eligibility to get reservation at dog day care centers

Breckenridge dog care facilities usually take in dogs only upon reservation, mostly avoiding walk-ins. The dogs’ vaccination details are checked at the time of reservation and they are asked to be produced for an initial visit to get to learn about the pets. They also expect dogs to be neutered and administered up-to-date vaccinations. The charges vary for half-day care and full-day care. Daycare facilities are also offered as packages, such as weekly packages, with pick up and drop off facilities.

Dog day care facilities at Breckenridge ensure that they get the same extent of attention that they get in their homes. They assure sufficient supervision so that you can go about your vacation with peace of mind.

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