Famous Native American Indians

Want to know about famous Native American Indians? Read our list to find out about some of the most popular Native American Indians…

The Native American people are a prominent part of the history and culture of America. Over the years many Native Americans have made great contributions to the culture of the region. Some of the most famous Native American Indians are as follows.


Without a doubt Hiawatha is the most famous Native American Indian in history. He is renowned to be a great activist of peace and a charismatic leader for his people. He was also looked upon as a spiritual leader. Hiawatha is particularly renowned for his diplomacy and execution of great political plans. One of his greatest achievements was the establishment of the Iroquois Confederacy which signified a coming together of five different tribes that shared the same language.

Sitting Bull

Known as Slon-he in the local language the character of the Sitting Bull is that of a holy man. The individual was also credited as being a big time medicine man. His victory against the forces of Lt. Col. George Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn bought him much acclaim. He actually became a performer in the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and later in his life was shot down by the police because of being an active supporter of the Ghost Dance movement.

Black Hawk

Although Black Hawk was never really the traditional chief of any Native American Tribe, his efforts earned him the title of being a War Chief. He was known as an incredibly fierce fighter who gave the English a run for their money. He showed his great fighting skills in the War of 1812. The legendary fighter died in Iowa.


Thanks to the animated cartoon movie flick titled Pocahontas this Native American character has become quite well known. Although a female, Pocahontas is definitely counted amongst the most famous Native American Indians. She actually became popular because she was the daughter of a strong tribal chief and yet fell in love and married an English man. Towards the end of her life she had totally abandoned her Native American heritage and adopted the English lifestyle.

Red Cloud

This particular Native American is remembered by the Oglala Lakota tribe as being one of the fiercest of their fighters. The US military had not met any Native American warrior as fierce as this man. The battle in which he engaged with the US army is remembered as the Red Cloud’s War and is recorded as being the most successful battle fought against the colonists. With the US unable to harm the warrior in any way he lived a long life finally giving way to time at the age of 87.

Crazy Horse

This is perhaps one of the most animated Native American Indian characters of history. He is also remembered as Curly due to his curly locks. He was a revolutionary leader who led a surprise attack in 1876 against a US military band led by General George Crook. This surprise attack actually paved the way for the victory of the Native Americans in the battle of the Little Bighorn.

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