Quadro Climbing Frames Kids

Want to buy a quadro climbing frame for your kids? Do you know which quadro construction kit is best for your children? Our guide gives you the facts & information about quadro climbing you’ll want to know.

Quadro Climbing Frames

Quadro climbing frames are becoming increasingly popular with both parents and kids, not only in US, but all over the world. There are several factors that have lead to the enormous popularity of these climbing frames, and with this increased popularity the quadro company have in turn developed several different models of their construction kits, with varying sizes and specifications to suit children of different ages.

Quadro Climbing Frame Safety

One of the primary benefits of purchasing a quadro climbing frame from the parents perspective is the high safety standards that are maintained with these kits. All parts are made out of sturdy but soft plastic panels making it very difficult for children to hurt themselves. The joining parts such as the corner frames and bolts are all made out of large plastic parts that are colorful and also bug enough to make it very difficult for kids to put in their mouths and inadvertently swallow.

Quadro Climbing Flexibility

A great advantage that quadro kits have over other kids climbing frames is flexibility. When you purchase a quadro kit you receive a series of panels and parts that you, or preferably your kids, are supposed to construct. However, quadro kits come in such a way that there are several different variations available to your children to construct. This means when they get bored of one design they can simply dismantle it and start over building a new frame. While some parents may be hesitant due to that fact that this is time consuming, on the contrary, one of the things kids love best about these kits is that they are fun and easy to dismantle and rebuild.

Quadro climbing Cognitive Development

In an age where most kids can watch up to five hours TV a day, quadro offers a fun and refreshing alternative to kids that provides them with the opportunity to develop cognitive and motor skills. Because kids have to build the frame themselves and there are several different variations available with every kit, they have the opportunity to think about what design they prefer and then go ahead with building it. This provides active physical and mental exercise for the kids which are much more preferable to the dullness induced by several hours of TV and computer games.

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