Buffet and Hutch Suite Sydney Australia

Looking for a buffet and hutch suite in Sydney, Australia? Choose from custom made Australian buffet and hutch suites, Sydney…

For a high-quality buffet and hutch suite in Sydney, Australia one of the best options is to opt for the one crafted out of river red gum timber. As part of the design it contains three drawers on each side along with a central portion with two doors with a storage shelf in the middle. The joint structure follows the dovetail style and it has full extension runners for the drawer. The door hinge is hidden while Furnware makes the stainless-steel handle.

The river red gum timber solid top of the bench is 30 mm in thickness and it also has a skirting board base and can also be crafted with legs when a bespoke order is placed. Since these are custom made Australian Buffet and Hutches Suite you can get them in different sizes. Also available are the tassie oak wood Rutherford and hutch suites, which have two doors suspended in louvers style.

Four individual runners function as drawers in the centre portion while the bench top has a car pattern and there is an inlay border crafted out of wood decoration. It is made to look like rough sawed out timber, with this being the trademark of the Rutherford range. The black ring handle completely offsets and finishes off the rustic look with finesse.

Dining Room Buffet and Hutch Suites, Sydney Australia

Australian-made buffet and hutch suites are extremely popular and part of the regular furniture available. The special dining room suite in the Buffet and Hutches style is crafted out of timber called river red gum. The custom built furniture known as the Australian-based Lawrence buffet and hutch suite is available in sizes of 840 x 5 10 x 17 80. There are extension runner’s drawers as well as two doors on each side with hidden door hinges. The clear varnish makes the polished Riverhead gum timber shine like glass and gives off a nice warm glow.

The Rosewood Australian made bespoke Buffet and Hutches suites, Sydney are made especially out of Rosewood for the dining room and are known as the Harboard Buffet range. Following a contemporary Australian style the Rosewood is acquired from New Guinea. Reminiscent of traditional Australian design and exceptionally high-quality craftsmanship, the solid bench top is finished with fine polish and detailing. The shelves inside are adjustable and polished to a natural tone to replicate the natural beauty of timber from New Guinea Rosewood.

Another eclectic style for the Buffet and Hutch suites, Sydney, Australia is the one is crafted from Eucalyptus patens timber or recycled Blackbutt timber. This beautiful piece is finished off with four sliding louver doors and two large drawers that have complete extension runners.

Detailed custom design furniture in Black butt timber with Jarrah is also prepared in custom sizes. Other possible selections include tassie oak and styles crafted out of genuine Sydney-based Bluegum timber, which is designed as a hutch and has mirrors as well as spotlights for a glossy display.

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