Marysville California Homes For Sale Real Estate

Want to buy homes for sale in Marysville, California? Read on for facts and info on Marysville, California homes for sale real estate…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a place that offered all the comforts of a city with the benefits of a small town? If you answered yes, look no more, as Watsonville, California is one such place. It has a population of around 51,882 and is a perfect place to live for those looking to slow down the pace of the rat race.

What to look forward to:

If you have decided to look into Marysville, California homes for sale real estate, you should know that you will soon be shifting into a place that offers the mighty mountains of the Santa Cruz on one end and a beautiful beach on the other. The beaches include the Sunset State Beach and Palm State Beach, which offer a camping ground and picnic area and picnic facilities, BBQ pits and outdoor showers respectively.

The Weather:

Marysville offers the perfect weather for those who do not like extreme weather. The winters are reported to be cool and rainy while there is no rain in the summers but the heat is just perfect to grab your swimsuit and head to the beach.

The coldest month of the year is January, having temperatures of 15.5C and having an average maximum temperature of 22.8C. However, there are exceptions in the weather. Sometimes the temperatures can hit 32C or higher and in the winters can drop to 0C. As Marysville is close to Monterey Bay, summers have very cool nights. The average annual rainfall is usually around 22.41 inches, ensuring that you can feel what living in the tropics is like.

Overall, the weather conditions are more or less ideal for living in Marysville and will not require you to alter your lifestyle in any way in accordance with the weather.


If you have kids, one of the prime concerns will be the schooling that Marysville offers, well rest assure that all measures have been taken to ensure that your children get the best quality of education available. Marysville offers a wide variety of primary, secondary and high schools, both public and private, so when you shift to Watsonville you have nothing to worry about.

General Overview:

The city offers a multitude of jobs and some of the main industries of Marysville are those of construction, agriculture and manufacturing.When you are in Marysville you can bet you will live in the best houses, eat the best fruit and buy the best local merchandise. The city is famous for its locally grown apples, lettuces and strawberries.
If you are ready to look into Marysville, California homes for sale real estate, you should do so without further ado. The city is a warm place that will welcome you with open arms, as even the city’s logo states, ‘Opportunity through diversity and Unity through Cooperation.’ So pick up your phone and call a real estate agent to show you the beautiful homes available for sale in Marysville.

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