Texas Indian Artifacts

Do you want to discover artifacts unique to Texas Indians? Are you interested in learning what the Indian artifacts in Texas were used for? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Asphaultum Hafting

Asphaultum hafting was commonly used by Texas Indians to create other tools particularly projectile points. Due to the weather in Texas which includes rains and high humidity most pieces of asphaultum are destroyed due to the fact that they are perishable. Ashphaultum artifacts were able to be constructed as the material washes up onto the beaches of Texas from the oil rich Gulf of Mexico. The material was used not only to create projectiles but also in artifacts such as clay pots as an inside layer added a waterproof coating. The material is often found as residue on other Indian artifacts. The material can be identified on artifacts by its black color.

Paleo Point

Paleo points are found throughout Texas although depending on the location of discovery the size and style will vary. Since paleo points have distinct regional features it is unique to find a point that combines multiple styles. When an artifact is found that combines features speculation occurs that the point may have been found and reworked throughout its existence. Paleo point artifacts have a general appearance of an arrowhead and usually a smooth stem created by grinding the stone. Unique features that may appear on the point are notches at the bottom of the artifact.

Waco Sinkers

Waco sinkers are common Indian artifacts in Texas; however, the use has not specifically been determined but rather speculated on. It is believed that these Indian artifacts may have been used as sinker weights or bola stones. If the artifact was used as a Waco sinker leather would be attached to minimum two stones with one on each end. The artifact could then be used as a weapon by hurling the artifact at an animal or bird where the stones would wrap around the game and pull it to the ground. The artifact was created by the Texas Indians by chipping and grinding a notch into stones made of quartz.

Bird Points

Bird points are one of many kinds of arrowhead found throughout the region of Texas. Some arrowheads that are known as bird points are very long and thin with a length of over 2 inches. It is known that the Indians of Texas used these artifacts in hunting as the artifacts have been discovered in the carcasses of deer and bison. Also, due to the light form of the artifact it is plausible that it was used with the invention of the bow and arrow. In Texas the Indians not only engaged in hunting but also frequently in war and these artifacts were of use. The bird point may have originally been intended for hunting; however, it would also have been effective against enemies in warfare. Prior to the invention of the bow and arrow the Indians of Texas likely would have attached bird points to the end of a spear allowing the tool to be used in hunting and warfare prior to improvements in tools being discovered.

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